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Orajel teething ring

Get a two-fer for your toofer
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(The following is excerpted from a feedback message I just sent to the makers of Orajel)

"...My 6 month old is cutting her lower incisors. She was a bit fussy last night so I was applying some Baby Orajel to her gums. As I was finishing up, she reached out and grabbed the tube from my hands. I considered letting her hold it, but decided against it as the small size makes it a choking hazard and the sharp corners of the sealed end have the potential to scratch.

Then it occurred to me that it might be possible to modify the packaging to overcome those issues. The idea I had was to change the Baby Orajel package from its current toothpaste-like tube to a toroidal shape. A gel-filled torus of sufficient diameter would not be a choking hazard and wouldn't have any sharp edges (dispensing nipple aside, which has a rounded top and doesn't seem to be a hazard in and of itself) and would make a perfect teething ring. It would have the added benefit of reducing the number of items parents on the go would have to pack..."

phoenix, Mar 06 2002


       I like it, but would imagine the manufacturer would fear a parent not screwing the cap on tight enough and the baby chewing/sucking his way to an Orajel OD (if possible).
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2003

       a disposable teething ring which comes in a sealed pack. one per day. each ring has tiny perforations and when squeezed by baby teeth, just a little of the gel exudes out. no cap, no corners, no loose chokey bits.
po, Mar 26 2003

       Could adults have them, filled with grownup stuff (caviar, booze, etc.)?
snarfyguy, Mar 26 2003

       what idiot fishboned this?
po, Mar 26 2003

       I think someone long ago. It was already there when I commented.
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2003

       Mrs Phoenix then...
po, Mar 26 2003

       Nice. And I quite like [po]'s addition to the idea.
brenna, Mar 26 2003

       bloody mail - this got lost in the post for a whole year, can you believe it?
po, Mar 26 2003

       This could work.....could you also send your Idea to the makers of NyQuil?
theThinker, Mar 26 2003


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