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Oriental Maglev Cuisine

Inspired on maglev meals, but different
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We start with a maglev table and maglev plates and bowls. These objects all have a magnetic field embedded in them: simple copper wires attached to an electric current. The objects are covered with wood or plastic, just like ordinary tables and bowls. The design is zen, the setting oriental.

Now you start cooking. One of your main ingredients are the magic maglev-kernels: small to medium sized pits with a magnet in them. They are covered with a ceramic shell. Now your cooking consists of making all kinds of nice crispy fried snacks, containing a maglev-kernel. You make small eggrols, pieces of fine fish and meat in a nice package of tasty fresh spinach leaves, etc... This is an art, the aesthetics are important.

Serve the snacks by putting them in the maglev-bowl. Put on the electric current, and hupla, your delicious snacks gently start floating in the air. You sit tête-à-tête with your lover; some hypnotic, meditative background music fills the room. You stare into each other's eyes, while gently picking floating snacks out of the air, with your chopsticks.

django, Apr 07 2006

Maglev Meals maglev_20meals
Inspired by the waiter-less restaurant [django, Apr 07 2006, last modified Apr 08 2006]

would inspire anyone Maglev_20skating
[po, Apr 08 2006]


       perfectly half baked   

S1, Apr 07 2006

       The fatal flaw (sorry) is that magnet monopoles don't exist. The crispy treats would turn over and stick to the bowl, because they woul need stabilization to float.
DesertFox, Apr 07 2006

       //One of your main ingredients are the magic maglev-kernels//   

       Ahh! Magic, not bad science!
DesertFox, Apr 08 2006

       Hey [po], what happened to your question? Or am I going to be deleted too? We have to fight back! We can't let the "man" get us. Come on everyone, lets   

       <sign> We are sorry, this annotation has been dicontinued because it is not pertinent to the idea at hand. Please disregard and continue. <sign>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 10 2006

       o.k. lets put it this way. maglev meals was NOT inspired by the waiterless restaurant. (of course if you look at the dates on the two ideas you will see that statement is correct)
po, Apr 10 2006

       I'm sorry, my English isn't that strong. My idea was inspired by the Maglev Meals [see link], which describes a restaurant without waiters. The subtitle of "Maglev Meals" reads: "a restaurant using maglev technology and completely dispensing with waiters." That's why I said "my idea is inspired by Maglev Meals, the waiterless restaurant". I'm sorry for my bad English. I will work on it much harder.
django, Apr 10 2006

       that explanation is fine but I'm not quite sure why you didn't just answer the question the first time and deleted my annotation 3 times.
po, Apr 10 2006

       I thought your comment was irrelevant. (Why does he/she keep asking this same question?) In retrospect I understand that my meaning wasn't entirely clearly and could have lead to confusings.
django, Apr 10 2006

       confusings indeed :)   

       btw I don't think your english is as bad as you say you think it is.
po, Apr 10 2006


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