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Orphan Websites

Site realizes it's being requested and assembles itself
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Cops would hate this... Some sites are like this now but not to this extent. Follow me here...hackers already know how to browse the internet using open ports on servers all over the world, right? So what about a website that exists on several servers in the following way...embedded in the homepage would be a tiny program that keeps track of where the component parts of the website are. For example, it would store a jpeg on a server over here, a paragraph of text over there, and when the url was called up the tiny program would assemble the page for you right then and there. When you were done browsing it would disassemble the site again to different servers that would be none the wiser as to the teency little extra jpeg file it was being asked to store. Until the next time the url was called up.........
pleasefondleme, Jan 30 2004


       Isn't that what href=... is for? You can use URLs from all over the world to make up your document. Still you need your HTML code stored somewhere. That's where the cops look.
kbecker, Jan 30 2004

       All true, my dear kbecker, but think 'stealth'. Only the little program in the homepage would know which susceptible servers it had stored pieces of the site on, and they'd be different every time. It would never store itself on the same server twice. Think of a demon floating around in the netherworld without a home and only materializing when its name is called. Like at a seance, or a whist party.
pleasefondleme, Jan 31 2004

       When the cops raid the server, they'll have the application which they'll be able to decompile to find your secret stash.   

       Also, it's going to be one hell of a slow site. The request is made to the master server which then has to go out to a multitude of different servers to gather together all the different pieces (it would only be able to display the page once it has all the pieces) and then compile a page out of them   

       then it has to wipe the file (writing over it 20 or so times), clear the memory, wipe the swap file if t's using one.   

       A few hits at the same time and it'll all fall over.
zapped, Feb 08 2006

       Little did I know that this thing called a "torrent" would take my idea to the next level. I mean, nobody's going to read this since it's been 15 years since I posted it, but I'm just sayin'. I didn't invent the torrent, but that's what my crystal ball told me way back then, and it never lies.
pleasefondleme, Dec 01 2019

       Welcome back to the halfbakery.
I think this idea is more doable now than it was 15 years ago. I'm not entirely sure what benefit it would get you though.
Loris, Dec 02 2019

       Baked, but not WKTE. Some websites hosting illegal content actually do this. Freenet also does this, but with the consent of the owners of the hardware.
Voice, Dec 02 2019


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