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new website
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A close friend has recently had to have some tests involving a scope down her throat, followed a week later by a colonoscopy. She was able to watch the progress of each proceedure on a screen, but not to share the resulting moving pictures.

Yourtube solves this problem, by offering the willing patient the opportunity to upload the progress of the images generated by the camera as it snakes through the internal passageways.

aka "now you see, now you see inside me"

xenzag, May 02 2008

Isn't this kind of baked? http://www.yorku.ca...nference/Fadden.pdf
[xandram, May 03 2008]

Related and equally gross idea. Watch_27em_20Rot_2ecom
[daseva, May 03 2008]


       Great - a place where you can go to look up an old friend.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2008

po, May 03 2008

       Oh, it sure tickle her fancy - you could feel it.
rotary, May 03 2008

       FaceBook is so passe. We need IntestineBook.
django, May 03 2008

       But in the case of a colonoscopy, you won't actually be sharing anything useful or informative, but merely going through the motions ........   

       What next ? Nostrilbook, Earbook .... the list of bodily orifices is not limitless .........
8th of 7, May 03 2008

       To take this idea into the beyond, you-sarcophagus, wherein friends and loved ones can watch your slow dissolution...
ldischler, May 03 2008

       [Idishcler], a good discussion to complement your anno. [linky]
daseva, May 03 2008

       (+) Had one.
Having the other on wednsday. (info overload I know, sorry).
I won't be seeing anything but the inside of my eyelids because they knock you out for the proceedure here.

       A copy would be good.   

       The photos that opticians take of retinas are pretty cool .... they look like low-orbit shots of Mars.
8th of 7, May 04 2008

"See honey, I totally ate your meatloaf."
"Oh wait, that's an ulcer. Oops. Well, what about that?"
Shadow Phoenix, May 04 2008

       Being a curious monkey I wanted to watch my colonoscopy progress live as I lay there in fuzzy acquiescence. The nurse agreed, the doctor agreed, and we progressed. Very interesting. After a few of my questions were grudgingly answered, I saw a signal from the doctor received by the nurse and everything went black. Moral: Don’t ask too many questions when there’s an 8-foot snake up your butt.
minoradjustments, Sep 15 2023

       // everything went black //   

       On screen? Or they knocked you out?
a1, Sep 15 2023

       They pushed too far and it went into his head.
xenzag, Sep 15 2023


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