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Rot13 HTML tag

Browser-based Rot13 tagging / Mozilla extension
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I propose adding a <rot13> </rot13> tag to the HTML standard. This would allow browsers to automatically descramble rot13 text when clicked on, which improves the current situation of having to highlight text to pass to the decoder extension. Perhaps also it could include something like <rot13 scrambled="no"> to make it clear whether the text inside the tag is already scrambled or not. Browsers that don't support this shouldn't show the tags so there shouldn't be any problems with non-compliance.
tzarius, Jul 11 2004

(?) A javascript rot13 decoder/encoder http://personal.ine.../jjlammi/rot13.html
Sbe gubfr jub ner phevbhf nobhg ebg13. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

(?) inline ROT13 http://www.assorted.org/rot13.html
This is pretty easy to implement in Javascript... I don't think it can get much simpler without a standard tag. [garrepi, Apr 07 2009]


       Or one could do that in JavaScript.   

       (I've seen JavaScript implementations of rot13 in a text box, but I haven't seen one involving clicking on simple embedded text. Anyone want to give it a try and make something that works more as described?)
jutta, Jul 11 2004

       I cant quote see the point of this.. an HTML page written with ROT text - converted when clicked on (simple enough with JavaScript - give each para an unique ID, on Click run script over text matching ID and update InnerHTML)   

       Why spend time rotting text that is so easily unrotted? But maybe thats the joy of rot13 - you can.
wolis, Jul 26 2004

       The whole point of rot13 is to let you post stuff in a way that someone NOT wanting to see the cleartext can avoid accidentally doing so. It's for things like joke punchlines, movie spoilers, etc.
miamicanes, Jul 27 2004

       I'd have thought a tag such as <obfuscated></obfuscated> would be semantically better, then the tag can be styled appropriately with JavaScript or CSS. This doesn't force the web site creator to use ROT13, they could use an image instead, or alternative text:   

       "Click here to find out what heppens to the ship in the film Titanic"   

       I do actually think this is a good idea. It's a pcurrently a popular feature on web sites, and a dedicated tag would make it work better with...   

       search engines (So they can index the content without showing it in snippets)   

       screen readers for the blind (most current implementations will either not work with screen readers or the screen readers will read the text anyhow)   

       Mobile / Non JS browsers (they could have a default implementation that would work regardless of the javascript that the web site creator is using for standard browsers.
zapped, Feb 08 2006

       this could be implemented as a toggle button in, say, firefox, to just swap between rotted views.
neilp, Feb 08 2006

       I was thinking about this today and googled rot13 tag - and got here!   

       YES! This should be a valid tag! It would be awesome to be able to post spoilers, punch lines, etc. on a standard web page.   

       This is a great "if you take the effort to read this, you are responsible for the choice" tag.   

cindik, Mar 19 2009

       "PUNCHLINE (mouse rollover)"
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       leetkey rots thirteen untagged text pretty well. http://leetkey.mozdev.org/
cindik, Mar 20 2009


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