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Undercover internet

Grind the internet and pour numbers on it
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I googled something yesterday and among the results there where notices that certain results where not there because the american government had asked they would be removed. (and I live in the Netherlands!) And what with the new laws that are being proposed I think the internet is being killed.

So I thought it would be a good thing to do something about that.

Firstly there should be a website for ideas to counteract these terrible laws.

One idea that I thought of is this:

The internet doesn't really exist as such. It is just a collection of data traveling through multiple data storage devices.

Websites can be attacked and outlawed. By name, called an adress.

What if the information comprising the website would constantly travel through all the data storage devices and can be accessed by millions of adresses.

Lists of these adresses would circulate amongst users and be constantly changed.

Changes would need to be made to the existing infrastructure, but that would not yet be illegal.

Just a thought from a layman.

zeno, Jan 20 2012

Wikipedia: Freenet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenet
Not only are address lists circulated amongst users, but all the storage is too. [zen_tom, Jan 21 2012]

Wikipedia: Darknet http://en.wikipedia..._%28file_sharing%29
[swimswim, Jan 23 2012]


       //notices that certain results where not there because the american government had asked they would be removed//   

       So, at least they told you they'd been removed...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2012

       Seems like these exist.   

       So, what movie were you trying to download?
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2012

       I like to watch old tv shows like sg1 or startrek, doesn't make feel like a criminal.
zeno, Jan 21 2012

       There's also TV shows that were cancelled after a few years that are worth a gander: one from the same guy who produced "Magnum PI" that stars an absolutely gorgeous Grumman Goose... another one that ran in the UK for 6 years but never made it over this side of the pond about a time travelling bigamist, etc. I'm an idiot though: I tend to go purchase the DVD's if I really like the show. I heartily recommend "Corner Gas" from Canada with hopes that the humour won't be too provincial for most people.   

       One of the first, if not actually the first, all-night TV broadcasts was from here; they broadcasted old series interspersed by local amateurish commercials and commentary from the "security guard" who hosted the timeslot. But these days <whinge> they get more money from running infomercials after the regular broadcasts.
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2012

       Psychologists studying long-term memory have a problem: they need to ask questions, about long- ago events, to which they know the correct answer. One-season TV shows used to be a favorite for such testing. No longer, presumably.
mouseposture, Jan 21 2012

       Another thought occured to me, google should move to iran.
zeno, Jan 22 2012

       My 86 year old Mom always asks me where the internet is...?
xandram, Jan 23 2012

       The tension about the web is really a tension between those who control content for financial or political reasons, and potential consumers of this content who want to cut out the middleman. In some ways it seems to me (right at this moment) similar to the tension in political systems between those who own property and lend money and those who borrow and owe. Various things can be arranged to facilitate one side or another, with some balance being struck.   

       Zeno, if there were mobile information sources as you describe I imagine the next step would be to work on internet providers, who generally have a fixed address and sell a service. They would be limited to connecting with certain safe IP addresses, much as work internet provided by an employer limits connection to certain IP addresses.
bungston, Jan 23 2012

       I'm also a layman, but isn't this a bit like the way so-called 'darknets' are operated?
Alterother, Jan 23 2012


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