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Orrery of Pizza Cutters

A giant orrery with each node capable of cutting a particular size of pizza a particular way.
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This is an idea for a mechanical orrery that employs mechanized pizza cutters on trays instead of moons around planets around stars.

A typical orrery mechanizes the rotation of a moon around a planet and the planets around the sun. Instead, this orrery would have little trays spinning around an extra large tray in the center, and each of them would have different cutters that operated on cue with the rotation of the trays via a large central crank.

Would probably thus be used as the central fixture in a pizza restaurant. Everyone would choose a tray for their pizza and the whole thing would go down on a periodic basis, much to the patrons' delight.

daseva, May 14 2011


       Each of the different cutters would, of course, employ one of the individual cutters that will have by then been halfbaked, without reason.
daseva, May 14 2011

       I'm not sure whether having a pizza cutter go down on you is a good idea.
infidel, May 14 2011

       You get a [+] from me, because of my weakness for surreal orrerys, and I expect [8th_of_7] to bun it because it involves a mechanically defective device, with whirling knives, in a crowded public place.
mouseposture, May 14 2011

infidel, May 14 2011

       Each pizza is a mini-orrery, with olives and sun-blushed tomatoes gyrating around the dough. Perhaps powered by ingeniously cheese-engineered springs.
pocmloc, May 14 2011

       Needs jam.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2011

       Oh, and I'll have the quattro stagioni, please.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2011

       very entertaining to imagine this!
dentworth, May 14 2011

       I thought so too! ... Oooh, I like the orrery pizza idea, [pocmloc]. I shall post it in a week or two so I don't seem so desperate for new ideas.
daseva, May 17 2011

       Bun (for exactly the reason already explained by [mp]).
8th of 7, May 17 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] echo
hippo, May 17 2011

       hippo, can you link the duplicate? I don't see it.
dentworth, May 17 2011

       [hippo] is feeling a little tetchy tonight. Again, I'd query the MFD as this is not an echo but an adaptation.
infidel, May 17 2011


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