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Ouija Google

Search engine interface for dead / living information exchange
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I suspect that the reason ghosts do so much random wandering about is because they simply can't find what it is they're looking for in a timely fashion. Can you imagine being dead and being haunted by the desire to look up exactly what model of car it was that ran you over in Wikipedia, but lacking the ability to interface with a search engine without standing in a long queue to bother some overworked spiritual caseworker medium or available paranoid schizophrentic? With so few qualified media, bandwidth is always a problem.

The output of this Ouija board is connected directly to the Google search engine, and serves as Google's first direct link to the deceased internet. Other rumored ghastly Google projects include BooWhoWhere, a lookup connection for Ouija board users to be able to track the haunting addresses of their desired dead contacts, and Zoogle, the search engine used by the dead and undead to search the NetherWorldWeb, as well as a more direct link between Zoogle and Google with a much larger bandwidth than your toaster oven.

RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2013


       I like where this is going. It's just that at the rate Ouija boards spell out letters you are going to have some serious bandwidth limitations.
lepton, Aug 23 2013

       Oh Yeah! A Ouija board touchscreen app would also be most excellent.
Sunstone, Aug 23 2013

       Ouija Google?   

       Over there, Bro', in the long queue.
UnaBubba, Aug 24 2013


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