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This time it's ablutional
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Since the Pinworm Containment Mechanism my Howard- Hughes-like preoccupation with hygiene has now developed to the point that I'm not enjoying showering. My current options for doing a good job without having to wash anything gross like a flannel are to use toilet paper, which will disintegrate, or a wet wipe which won't flush.

Neither of these options are particularly appealing anyway because I wouldn't want to perform disposal in the middle of a shower, and I equally wouldn't want to leave used paper lying around until I'm done.

The PCM was basically a cross between a lemon squeezer and a pacifier. For shower time I think this would need to be enhanced with a telescopic barrel and a two-piece cover that flips open and shut at the pull of a trigger, and a disposable paper cartridge system.

To help you visualise this, the steps would be:

1. Pull the trigger. The two halves of the cover part and the telescopic barrel extends to reveal the cartridge seating

2. Insert the cartridge

3. Aim and apply

4. Release the trigger. The barrel retracts and the cover closes

5. Put the device to one side until the shower is complete

6. Pull the trigger over the lavatory and shake until the cartridge drops away

7. Rinse under the faucet

Does anyone have Philippe Starck's contact details?

And finally: this is (of course) a plug for the latest update at http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com

oscil8, Jul 22 2012

BHD http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com
There have been no votes or comments the last couple of updates, should we quit and make someone a happy hippo? [oscil8, Jul 22 2012]


       You could invent a toilet paper which doesn't disintegrate and can be washed for re-use, but I really hope you don't.
Phrontistery, Jul 22 2012

       What else are scarves good for in the summer Ph?
DIYMatt, Jul 22 2012


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