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Pooth Sayer

The definitive turd-watcher's guide
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There's a couple of smartphone apps that calculate your blood alcohol level based on your age, weight and gender when you put in what you're drinking.

I suspect a simlar, yet fundamentally different, application could be made to take your food into consideration to warn you before a meal approximately when you can expect it to pass, how long you can expect to spend passing it, how rough a passing it will be, and what parasites you can expect certain undercooked foods to leave behind.

Useful for trying new foods or eating at new restaurants.

21 Quest, Feb 02 2010


       This idea floats about right for me. [+]
Aristotle, Feb 03 2010

       Damn, those were some awfully quick fishbones. I saw two buns, refreshed the screen and there were two bones!
21 Quest, Feb 03 2010

       Bun. When and how will it pass?

       Has anyone noticed the propensity for fecal ideas, lately on the HB?

       I'd post an idea about adding a "Poop" category, but I've seen enough fish this month.
MikeD, Feb 03 2010

       oh poo!
xandram, Feb 03 2010


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