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[Oct 01 2005, last modified Feb 08 2015]
(+16)(+16) 3D model maker
 A picture is worth a thousand lines of code
(+1) Ad blocker for heads up display
(+2, -6) Air to air blimp filling
(+7, -8) Airline sky map ads
(-2) Allow Halfbakery Hyperlinking within Text
 Ambient backscatter drone charging
 Amphibious Motorhomestead
(+3, -1) Another robot lawnmower
 App locates products in store via RDIF, GPS or Bluetooth labels on or near product
(+4, -3) Automatic vehicle accident photographs
(-3) Avoid shopping cart rage
(+2) Burglar blocking key
(+5, -1) Business location guidance
 Cancer killed with foreign cell injections
(+2) Car buyer bait
(+2) Car Wash Anti Freeze System
(+3) City buses, subways and trains deliver packages
(+15)(+15) Clean, full power exploration robots
(+2) Colorful and historic model patterns
(+1, -2) Combination cell phone and flash drive
(+3) Computer monitor privacy
(+11)(+11) Conversation starter nametag
(+12)(+12) Convert speech to animated moving lips
 Corona virus killing robot
(+1) Credit card and ad flyer GPS
(+2) Detect and attract new gamblers
(+2) Director in a box
(+1, -2) Disposable eye glasses
(+5) Domesticated wild card
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Drive through car wash
(+2) Driver's License Bureau Auto Spa
(+2) Dual focus reading lamp
(+3, -1) Dual purpose home maintenance robot
(+4) Dual purpose inspection pit and emergency shelter
(+3, -2) Dual sight rifle
(+1) Dy-no-mite Halloween Haunted House
(+4, -1) E-mail TV program notifier
 Eco-cooler air conditioner modification
(+6, -1) Economy food store
(+4) Edible energy - or fertilizer-producing lawnmower
(+10)(+10) Electric cornstarch
(+6, -1) Emergency vehicle beacons
(+6, -1) Emulated sound and movement to reduce the chance of crime
 Faster airport check ins with buckets attached to conveyor belts
(+4) festivalfood365
(+2) Floating platforms protect goods in floods
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Flora and Fauna recognition
(+7, -3) Fluid filled adjustable antenna
(+4, -5) Flying fish spy plane
(+9)(+9) Follow Scouts as they earn merit badges and awards
(+1) Google Map Street View tour bus
(+1, -4) Government fundraising
(+3) GPS with (edit) RIGHT turn only option
 Graffiti fighting camouflage
(+3) Graphic app snaps lines over your hand drawing
 Green energy from sound
(+2) Grout brush for oscillating/power tools
(+3) Gutter pig
 Gyro and image recognition replaces GPS
(+1) Hands On store
(+4, -3) Help with your decisions
 Highly emotional piano
(+2, -3) Hospital Mall
 How AI can defeat humanity
(+2) Injector cleaner added while fueling
(-1) Internet goods appraisal
(-2) IV pole Infusion pump beacon/transmitter
(+7, -3) jamesbondbumpersticker
 Low cost robot auto painter
(+4, -3) Many tools, one handle
(+9, -3) Maypole self propelled mower
(-3) Means to determine if health harming foe is destroyed
(+1) Motion detector phone dialer
(+3) Multi machete for camping and survival
(+8)(+8) Multi-purpose Lawnmower
 Multi use/purpose vacuum brush grout cleaner
(+5) Musician’s Learning Fest
(+5) Mutual fund invests only in companies supporting your candidate
(+5) Name that image
 Nearly silent but fast and deadly drone
(+1) Net Neutrality Cafateria style
(+7) Non motion detector
 Offshore HMO for Airlines
 One robot nav system serves many machines
 One step Fart suppression
(+1) PC Filing Adviser
(+2) PenAgain Stylus
 Photo album wall display
(+3) Pneumatic structure paint spray booth
 Power generating trail blazer
 "Reader's Digest Condensed Books" videos
(+2, -1) Remote prisoner rehabilitation
(-1) Rent a clone services
 Reward human power generation
(+6, -14)(+6, -14) Safe Halloween Coupon Handouts
(+2, -1) Safe valuable delivery
(+69, -4)(+69, -4)(+69, -4) Science bar
(+6) See through storage pegboard
(+1) Serial commercials
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Small town National Enquirer
(+2) Software to change perceived distance of digital images
(+2) Speech to text de-Dilbertization translator
 Speech to text to image/sound/video/tactile sensation/odor converter
 Split speaker radio commercials
(+7, -2) Spy microphone
(+2) Spying with water
(+4) Sunscreen shows missed areas of skin
(+4) Table Saw/Router/jigsaw conversion
 Telephone call tracking
(+8)(+8) The Coconut closed knob brush
 The Green Store
(+8)(+8) The power of nature
(+2) Time/watt calculator
(+7) Training wheels for new waiters
(+7, -1) Traveling robot
(+1) Universal fit water shutoff valve
(+6) URL slide show
(+2, -3) USB flash drive with emulation
 USB replacement for micro chips
 Use TVs to communicate one to one
(+2, -8)(+2, -8) Utility box graffiti fighter billboard
(+6, -1) Vehicle do it yourself seminars
(+2) Warmer doghouse
(+2) Website Calendar auto entry
(+2, -18)(+2, -18)(+2, -18) Who needs a runway? Every airplane can be a helicopter
(+4, -1) www.digitalimagestospeech.com
(+6) Yell and scream programming language

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