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PDA Belt-Buckle

Something useful to do with oversized kicker belt buckles:
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Large oversized belt buckles with storage space for a PDA or cell-phone. Design ideas include ones that snap in the front (with a custom cover design) or models where you slide the device into a compartment behind the buckle. The compartment would also be a stripped down hot-syncing cradle for various PDA's (specific to each brand), with optional spooling, retractable USB/serial cable and connector. Designs I find appealing: the Copyleft logo, Tux (the linux penguin), "Riot Nrrd" etc..

Alternately, incorporate a portable Mp3 player into the belt and have a giant Napster head logo on the front, still using the retactable cord idea, but with the addition of a jack for ear-buds.

Drawbacks include the embarassing periods of time where you belly up to the computer to sync, but some techno-fetishists might just consider that sexy.

Of course, the most popular model will be a yellow and black Batman logo (with additional yellow storage tubes for batteries, extra styli (?), kinetic rechargers... you could just get silly with this.)

Cglenn, Jul 23 2000


       Kinetic Recharger: Idea ran across in a "batteryless" flashilight design - Wrap a tube with copper wire and suspend a cylendrical magnet from a spring or two inside of the wire. The flashlight was charged up rocking it back in forth to pass the magnet through the coil, generating current. In the flashlight, this fed a capacitor which drove this light. For the Batty-belt, the current would recharge things. (no, I'm not posting under multiple `nyms, cglenn and I are just real-life friends who talked the idea over while he was posting it. Everybody say hi to the my friend.)
bear, Jul 24 2000

       Why not build it into pants. I'm thinking "Smarty Pants" might be a nice trademark.
Grimrock, Sep 30 2000

       Hi friendbear. Redneck goatropers (Wannabe cowboys) wear Oversized ornate belt buckles that would put Elvis to shame. I'm not sure if their feeble minds would provide a market though.
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000

       You would look quite odd trying to beam your business card to people...
friendlyfire, Oct 21 2002


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