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Research DS Lite

Designed for people so obsessed with their research they feel compelled to take it everywhere they go--lunch, movie previews, the gym...
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A Nintendo-sized computer designed specifically for research. Would come with C++, Visual Basic, Mathematica, Matlab, Excel, etc. Computer programs and other files could be inserted on special disks that would resemble video game cards.

Naturally someone would have to come up with a way to insert a keyboard and half a dozen USB ports into the interface, but it could probably be done.

inductor, Jul 11 2006

LyME http://www.calerga....cts/LyME/index.html
Lightweight Math Engine port to PalmOS [jutta, Jul 12 2006]

MathME (Vaporware) http://craftsrv1.ep...h/mathme/index.html
Mathematica, MicroEdition. Internal research project only, grrr. [jutta, Jul 12 2006]


       Isn't this what a PDA is?
Gallus, Jul 11 2006

       Agreed, aside from the cartridge thing. But I don't know what particular advantage using cartridges for software offers a researcher.
DrCurry, Jul 11 2006

       Well, it's not like you can stick Mathematica on a PDA. Or can you?
inductor, Jul 11 2006

       Maybe next year.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2006

       Agreed, this is exactly what a PDA is. I don't think this is a new invention, more an existing trend that you can take to extremes or not.
jutta, Jul 12 2006

       But really, why bother going anywhere?
Ander, Jul 20 2007


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