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Lockable stylus PDA
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I recently got a PDA, and so far I've lost 2 styluses (stylusi?) This is due to the fact that the little groove that it fits into gets marginally worn, therefore it just slips out.

Why hasn't anyone come up with a safety-type clasp that you just flick to lock the damn thing in there?!

shinobi, Sep 28 2005

Stylus Tether http://www.pdapanac...oducts.asp?PID=PUC1
I can't find one designed to fit discreetly on a Palm, but something like this should really help solve your problem. Depending on your brand of PDA, some do come with tethered solutions already. [DrCurry, Sep 28 2005]


       Because this equipment is only designed to work when it's new, but it shouldn't be - it should work for at least five years. The clasp would be so easy to make it hardly qualifies as an idea. [+]
wagster, Sep 28 2005

       Oh, not a security system for pigs then?   

       You could fashion a clasp of some kind quite easily using glue and one of a number of household objects.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2005

       Many devices with styluses (stylii ?) are attached to them by little cables, especially in retail settings where they might be easily lost or stolen.   

       Ah - the technical term is "stylus tether."   

       If your stylus is not locking/clicking into place properly any more, try buying a new one. That worked for my wife - it turned out the stylus was worn, not the groove.
DrCurry, Sep 28 2005

       I don't seem to have this problem with mine but a knob of blu-tac would probably do the trick.
po, Sep 28 2005

       I've got a solution but it'll cost you a pound of flesh.
bristolz, Sep 28 2005

       //it turned out the stylus was worn, not the groove// Generally the case. I need a new stylus every year, but I have grooves dating back to the 60's that still play ok.
wagster, Sep 28 2005

       get a paper notebook and a pen. If you lose your pen, get another pen. if you lose your notebook, maybe you should start taping or stapling things to yourself.
Bighongry, May 16 2006

       I've found it easy enough just to tape the stylus to the back of the PDA, since I have to carry around the roll of tape anyway to keep my glasses together.
Ander, Jul 20 2007

       It's "styluses" or "styli".
BJS, Jul 20 2007


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