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Packaged Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve Ice Cream Package
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Is a pretty basic idea, is ice cream packaged in tooth paste like packages so you can serve them like if it was soft serve ice cream, or you could eat them right off the package, they'll come in packages of different sizes and have a variety of flavors.
appdirect, Dec 10 2010


       They don't have this yet?
doctorremulac3, Dec 10 2010

       I think softserve depends on a continous mixing to maintain texture. Not saying you couldn't find additives to produce it, but it's not quite so simple as packaging.
MechE, Dec 10 2010

       maybe [MechE] is right, but it's a really good halfbaked idea!! Welcome to the hb!
maybe one could shake up the tube to provide the mixing component?
xandram, Dec 10 2010

       Well you can get aerosol canisters which produce aereated cream. Could such a system not be adapted to provide ice-cream?
pocmloc, Dec 10 2010

       Welcome, [appdirect], to the Halfbakery!   

       I'm the guy who complains when ideas don't have enough method in them.   

       [pocmloc], I just had a can of whipped cream for lunch. It had liquid and gas in it, which I shook together. Soft serve probably has solids and liquids, mostly solid and trying to harden if it gets too cold.   

       I'd say you could make a mush that never actually froze and squish it out, yes, but that would take some chemistry work not given here. (Hint: push pops and sherbet.)
baconbrain, Dec 10 2010

       Fantastic idea, and while it lacks the science its not so zany that it can't be possible, its just the need to keep it mixing constantly, although perhaps there is a "long life" style variant that might not require this component as much, in which case simply shaking the canister or squidging the tube around for a while before opening could work. Definitely a product which needs to exist either way
ComatoseSheep, Dec 11 2010

       Isn't this just WINBI? Such a product would be fine, but why in a tube? Because toothpaste resembles soft serve ice cream in texture? [-]
Boomershine, Dec 11 2010

       OK so if it is to be actually frozen, and it is to be kept so by churning, what is the practical shelf life of a battery and motor running very slowly and efficiently sealed within a frozen aerosol can? Could the manufacturers supply a special retail freezer with a row of electrical ccontaqcts at the bottom? These would trickle charge the battery while the units were in the shop, allowing them to have a long shelf life. Could the battery then run the churn for a week at home in the domestic fridge? Would there be a market for domestic fridges with soft-serve-canister-docks built in?   

       PS [Baconbrain], I'm not sure that really counts as a balanced meal.
pocmloc, Dec 11 2010

       It had both liquid and gas, and I shook it up well.
baconbrain, Dec 11 2010


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