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Perfume Ices

mmmm obsessiony
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I was in a dept store, pondering smells as they wafted over from the ladies in the white coats. Also recently in a Persian restaurant where they are fond of flavoring desserts with rosewater. I thought: maybe there could be iced confections with perfume flavors.

These would not be flavored with actual perfume because I think that the vehicle etc would be soapy and gross. But the scents could be dissolved in something else more palatable to flavor ices, or small amounts used to augment more traditional flavors.

bungston, Sep 13 2010

Delicious http://www.gourmet....d/2008/01/ambergris
Another perfume ingredient used in cooking. [mouseposture, Sep 14 2010]


       the difference between a food flavoring scent and a perfume is little to non-existent. In both cases, we're just talking about volatile, edible organic compounds that have a nice scent.   

       The floral smells that actually taste good in food are already used and available to purchase. Namely, citrus-flower (neroli), kewra, rosewater, jasmine, and pandan, and a few others.
EdwinBakery, Sep 13 2010

       How about whale?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2010

       //How about whale?// the whole whale, or only the crud from its intestines? The latter's quite a delicacy <link>.
mouseposture, Sep 14 2010

       [bungston], seriously: in your mind, how did you see this thread going? With this lot?
Grogster, Sep 14 2010


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