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Mini Ice Cream Cakes

Fudgie the whale, single serving size
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Similar to Carvel's ice cream cakes, but single serving sized.

This provides several benefits over regular ice cream cakes:

1) portion control (a "proper" single serving is half a cup, and who ever takes that small an amount)

2) variety (if you get a bunch for a party, they can all be different colors / flavors)

3) retailability (if they're individually packaged, they can be individually sold)

4) cuteness (this depends on how cute you can make a whale :))

goldbb, Jun 01 2009

Close, but not a half cup http://www.skinnyco...yproducts/index.php
[normzone, Jun 01 2009]

Carvel cakes http://www.carvel.c...ucts/cakes_pies.htm
[jutta, Jun 01 2009]

Mini ice cream cake recipe http://slideshows.h.../10561/slides/12481
[jutta, Jun 01 2009]

Ice cream cupcake roundup http://www.cupcakep...upcake-roundup.html
[jutta, Jun 01 2009]


       Mumble mumble .. recipe... mumble mumble.
jutta, Jun 01 2009

       Peraps an icecream cupcake? [+]
Jscotty, Jun 02 2009


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