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Planet Cream

"Ooo I want the giant red spot!"
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Really simple: an ice cream bucket shaped in a sphere with the colors and textures of any planet. Works best with planets that are gaseous such as jupiter or neptune. It would be really nice if the mixture could be made the same every time, to produce a realistic "giant red spot" on jupiter for example.

P.S. the planet "uranus" and subsequent puns are not the spark of this idea.

EvilPickels, Nov 06 2008

Watermelon Bombe http://www.joyofbak...atermelonBombe.html
Race you to the caramel core.... [4whom, Nov 06 2008]

fyi- they have the *name* but not the idea btw + http://findarticles...209/ai_mark03046072
[xandram, Nov 06 2008]


       I was hoping for a smoothing revitalizing solution to reduce visible wrinkles, cure dry flaky and volcanic areas, help hide unsightly craters, while adding a sunny radiance to even minimal atmospheres. Now with comet moisturizers and anti-oxident lunar extracts.
WcW, Nov 06 2008

       Stick to bombes together...
4whom, Nov 06 2008

       wafer rings mmmmmm.
po, Nov 06 2008

       Hi [Evil]. Can they have a toffee-chocolate molten core?
wagster, Nov 06 2008

       Nice - I take it that the plastic 'bucket' is transparent, and the swirls and whorls of ice-cream form the features you see on the planets. Quality - and great to eat if you ever found yourself in a weightless environment.
zen_tom, Nov 06 2008

       When making icecream (at least, this is how my old-fashioned icecream maker works), the bucket spins round while a paddle inside the bucket remains stationary. The spinning bucket is inside a larger, wooden, ice-and-salt-filled bucket and the spinning motion mixes up the ice/salt mixture. This sort of design would allow coloured dyes to be released into the spinning icecream mixture which would (hopefully) form stripes and eddies similar to those seen on Jupiter.
hippo, Nov 06 2008

       coloured dyes ? eww... *flavours*
FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2008

       [Hi [Evil]. Can they have a toffee-chocolate molten core?] hey, why not?   

       [I take it that the plastic 'bucket' is transparent] yes I forgot to mention that but yes it is.
EvilPickels, Nov 06 2008

       There should also be smaller 'moons' if you want less ice cream.
penguin_tummy, Nov 07 2008

       "That's no moon... it's a space station!"
Gallus, Nov 07 2008

       Congratulations on turning 18. Some things follow you around on the internet forever...
Voice, Nov 19 2008

       You could load up a shotgun with walnuts or pecans and simulate Shoemaker-Levy 9
coprocephalous, Nov 19 2008

       Would be better on single serving scale.... picture small planets on icecream cones..... yummy.
traffic, Nov 19 2008

       [WcW]'s original comment makes me laugh every time I read it :)
phundug, Nov 19 2008


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