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Playball Combine Harvester

When you've spent an hour collecting all the playballs from the garden, you'll see the point....
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Like it says on the tin - a device for picking up playballs after they've been scattered all over the garden.

Having a bad back, being 6 feet tall and having, most importantly, an exceptionally short attention span for mundane tasks, this is an especially loathsome job.

I thought about a large, petrol powered, sit on thing, but that seemed out of keeping with the home and garden usage.

What about a push-around ball collector, in the style of an old fashioned cylinder lawnmower, with soft paddles instead of blades, which puts all the balls in a hopper for you. You then empty the hopper back into the ball pool.

What about a little version for the kids? (A bit like the link)

ironlung, Jun 19 2006

(?) A bit like this..... http://www.fisher-p...d=29194&pcat=bupeek
Peek-a-block Hippo [ironlung, Jun 19 2006]


       Just have some children. They can be used for such mundane tasks and can often be paid in cookies.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 19 2006

       There's a push device much like you describe, for picking up sweetgum balls. I'm not googling it for you, but look in lawncare. (This would be nice to have.)
baconbrain, Jun 19 2006


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