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Paintable Candy Easter Eggs

Because egg-decorating is a tradition and hard-boiled eggs are kind of gross
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I grew up in a family of five kids (give or take a few). Every Easter we gathered the eggs from our chickens, hard boiled them, painted them, hid them, found them, and stuffed them in the refrigerator for Mom and Dad to eat. Five kids, and none of us wanted our hard-boiled eggs. Was it because we took issue with eating art? (We were masters with Q-tips and food coloring, let me tell you.) I think we destroyed enough Things of Beauty in our time to discount that idea. No, the hard-boiled eggs were just gross.

What we should have had was a candy egg to paint, instead. The shell could be made of that Necco wafer material and a sweet chocolate chick could be hiding inside for authenticity's sake. (Okay, for authenticity's sake, it would have to be a chick embryo.) For the especially health-conscious, why not a flour-based, vitamin rich edible egg--like a big oyster cracker? It just has to be more appealing than the rubbery flesh of a hard-boiled egg and have a smooth surface upon which food coloring will stay put.

Twenty Dollar Duck, Oct 18 2006

blow the egg first. http://www.canadaeg...sp?cid=12-71&lang=1
[po, Oct 18 2006]

Hard-boiled Eggs Recipes http://homecooking....hive/blholiday1.htm
If you're not ready to go on a sugar jag with candy eggs and you still don't know what to do with all those hard-cooked Easter eggs, you can try some of these tasty alternatives. [jurist, Oct 25 2006]


       Pysanky (Ukranian easter eggs) are either blown out ([po]'s link) or left in uncooked to eventually dry. If you break one before it is dry, now *that* is gross.   

       I forsee problems using something as absorbent as Necco wafer. Would a Cadbury Dream Egg (white chocolate exterior) do the trick?
Shz, Oct 18 2006

       We did the Ukranian blown egg thing once in middle school. It was fun, but hard for kids to be gentle enough so as not to break it.   

       You're right about the absorbancy problem . . . maybe it could be have a sugar coating. The more sugar the better. With chocolate, the food coloring wouldn't stick. (Although I have to admit that Cadbury wins for the most delicious Easter egg alternatives--maybe they should make blank paper wrappers so kids can paint them.)
Twenty Dollar Duck, Oct 18 2006

       What about Marzipan...
Chefboyrbored, Oct 18 2006

       Yeah, even if you like egg salad, it is hard to like THAT much egg salad.
PollyNo9, Oct 25 2006

       If you tire of the egg salad there's still wonderful Scotch Eggs, and spinach salad with sliced eggs and bacon, or beef and sausage rolls. Here's a [link] for a few more ideas that aren't necessarily gross.
jurist, Oct 25 2006


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