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Polyhedrons for Tigers

Polyhedral shaped golfballs for real handicap.
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This way, tiger woulds wood play against me and I might maybe win... Even after all those cold ones!

Ball shapes would be based on the theoretical aerodynamic limits for different numbers of sides. So, a tetrahedron may be worst, whilest a regular golfball would be closer to the best.

daseva, Oct 07 2007

Whoda thought that there would be a hit for polyhedron tiger. http://polyhedron.blog.com/Tiger/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 07 2007]

GolfCross http://www.golfcross.com/
GolfCross - golf using non-spherical balls. [the_jxc, Oct 09 2007]

Reuleaux triangle http://en.wikipedia...i/Reuleaux_triangle
for MB [xaviergisz, Oct 09 2007]

More for [MaxwellBuchanan] http://www.lama.uni...nd/Spheroforms.html
[xaviergisz] bet me to Wikipedia [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 10 2007]

Wiffle Golf Balls http://www.amazon.c...-Pack/dp/B0009T88EM
Try a six-pack. Also available baseball-sized for larger appetites. [Canuck, Oct 11 2007]


       <whacks dodecahedral ball, shouts>Twelve!</wdb,s>
lurch, Oct 07 2007

       If these balls are used, then you would have the same handicap...
BJS, Oct 07 2007

       <ducks head, notices low sideage of passing ball> wow, impressive.   

       Presumably, not everyone would be playing with the same ball type. Otherwise, yeah, this would be entirely pointless, [BJS]... unless I've misunderstood you, which is very possible.
daseva, Oct 07 2007

       I'm betting you still wouldn't have a chance against Tiger.
Noexit, Oct 08 2007

       sp: tiger woulds wood...
RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2007

       Would Tiger Woods tie girls' wood tigers?
hippo, Oct 09 2007

       [RaySteele], I coodn't help myself ;). Alright, that's just rediculous.   

       [hippo], suprisingly, that one isn't very hard. I've had three people say it now, and they've all passed. Good one, though.
daseva, Oct 09 2007

       Is it possible to devise a curvey polyhedron which, like the seven-sided 50p piece, has a uniform diameter in all directions despite not being a sphere?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2007

       A tetrahedron would still be easy to hit. An object in two-dimensional space, however, would prove much more difficult. Bun anyway.
ed, Oct 11 2007

       At our local Municipal course they have replaced the Pitch and Putt par 3 with a Rugby style game. A miniature rugby shaped golf ball that you must hit between the sticks.
We are all gonna get pissed and play it soon!
*Americans and other aliens please refer to the Glossary below:
Rugby - Game played by real men with funny shaped balls (American football without crash helmets).
Pissed - Drunk not Angry
gnomethang, Oct 11 2007

       Well, I consider myself a Real Man, but it appears I wouldn't qualify to play Rugby.
lurch, Oct 11 2007

Texticle, Oct 11 2007

       I think the only way I'd stand a chance against Tiger Woods is if he was forced to use a wiffle golf ball and left-handed clubs.   

       And he was blindfolded.   

       And even then I wouldn't bet the farm. Or the dog. But definitely the neighbour's cat.   

       gnomethang, why do real men where you live need to get pissed to try something new? So they'll have an excuse when they really suck at it? That's just so lame.
Canuck, Oct 11 2007

quantum_flux, Oct 14 2007

       [gnomethang]Do you think the lack of padding might be the cause of the funny shaped balls?
rascalraidex, Oct 14 2007

       Nah!. Its a genetic thing. The mutants get drawn to the game...
gnomethang, Oct 15 2007

       //gnomethang, why do real men where you live need to get pissed to try something new? So they'll have an excuse when they really suck at it? That's just so lame.// [Canuck]
Come come Canuck, I wasn't suggesting that we were Real Men, that was part of someone else's definition of Rugby which I included for clarity.
As for getting pissed before trying something new - this is a jokey small par3 golf trip with a small rugby ball shaped ball. What else are you supposed to do? They aren't playing it in Beijing any time soon!.
It is also a well known fact that one plays Crazy Golf better after a Cold Drink.
Ask [theleopard]
gnomethang, Oct 15 2007

       Where, oh where, does the one sided polyhedron start and the infinitely sided polyhedron end?   

       "well , Sir. They both end at their begining."   

       "Fuck that. I'll 6:1 on the lions to beat the springboks."
4whom, Oct 15 2007


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