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Painting Product Placement

I wonder whether this will happen.
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We're used to product placement in movies, and product placement on television shows.

In the last couple of years, there's been product placement in books, and one artist I like has published a CD of songs he wrote for wealthy patrons at $1000 a pop, including some companies. Nothing new about that.

What I haven't seen, though, is product placement in paintings or sculptures. There are plenty of paintings of products by artists (you're probably thinking of Andy Warhol's Brillo pads or Campbell's soup cans by now), and of course people can commission paintings, but I haven't seen someone just pay an artist to use their corporate image in what is otherwise a piece of fine art conceived by the artist and marketed by the artist as original work.

It would be a weird series of paintings to see exhibited together -- a series of portraits, say, of earnest people standing at windows and sitting on chair, each with a different product of the XYZ fast food chain that particularly accentuates that person's mood.

jutta, Oct 27 2005

Chris Wood: Product Placement http://www.dianefar...x01/statement2.html
Called that, but not actually paid for. [jutta, Oct 27 2005]

The Last Happy Meal http://www.cruzy.org/interview.php
Some McDonalds logos but no payment as far as I am aware. [st3f, Oct 27 2005]

The last Happy Meal (2) http://www.juxt.com...ion=picture&id=1055
... and another. [st3f, Oct 27 2005]

Phillip Morris? http://www.posters....mona_lisa_joint.jpg
[Shz, Oct 27 2005]

Sony? http://www.wxan.net...0lisa%20listens.gif
[Shz, Oct 27 2005]

(?) ...somewhat related... http://www.illegal-...rint/index.html#pez
...and let's not forget AdBusters, of course. [Trickytracks, Oct 27 2005]

Was Mel Ramos paid for his product placement? http://members.aol....melramos/banana.jpg
I forget. [DrCurry, Oct 27 2005]

And another one http://www.robertbe...arry-night-copy.jpg
You'd think these people would want the odd bit off money for their work. [hidden truths, Oct 28 2005]


       "The last 'happy meal'" ?   

       [edit: I just made that up but it turns out there's at least one painting called that (see link)]
st3f, Oct 27 2005

       Chris Rea's 'Auberge' album showed a Caterham 7 sports car (Chris's own) on the cover, and it was mentioned in several songs on the album. I often wondered whether Caterham repaid the publicity in any way.
angel, Oct 27 2005

       I picture Picasso's "Sunflowers" with tiny writing on the vase, e.g. "Bill's Pots Ltd." etc.   

       Sounds like a great idea [+].
Mr Phase, Oct 27 2005

       //(The Last Happy Meal) - there's at least one painting called that (see link)//
It's hard to discern what the free toy prize is in those pictures.
phundug, Oct 27 2005

       I wonder if you could paint subliminal messages in -- as the famous (though I think mythical) SEX message in the ice/light interplay in that whiskey commercial.
theircompetitor, Oct 27 2005

       The Thinker by Rodin with a Kohler or American Standard product placement.
bristolz, Oct 27 2005

       Renamed to The SThinker
Ling, Oct 27 2005

       [-] Artists who would do this should enjoy their well-deserved anonymity.
land, Oct 27 2005

       Oh, get a life.
bristolz, Oct 27 2005

       [bris] brilliant :)
theircompetitor, Oct 27 2005

       It seems to me that many artists are likely to incorporate commercial images/logos in their art either as social commentary or just accurate portrayal of a scene, without any monetary prompting at all.   

       But artists have been paid by corporations for years to do this as part of advertising campaigns. Just look at all the posters we put on our walls still advertising obsolete products from 19th century Paris, for one minor but widespread example.   

       Being a sometime artist, I'm all in favor of the concept, but how is this especially new and different?   

       [Oh shoot, just looked at the byline.]
DrCurry, Oct 27 2005


       Automatic bone for more advertisement. Sorry.
Trickytracks, Oct 27 2005

       I think more people would go see art museums if the paintings would help them decide what to buy. So big + for helping education. ... maybe not.   

       P.S. There's no reason the animal exhibits in the Museum of Natural History couldn't be updated to have cars and SUV's in the background. Make it fun to learn, you know. Earn more funding for the museum.
phundug, Oct 27 2005

       I've often wondered about the legality of negative product placement - an ad for Coke but all you see is a urine soaked tramp drinking Pepsi. Back to the original subject people like Bloomberg fund a lot of art and always put on openings, etc. with their name all over the place. Surely it gives them more cred to have good art associated with Bloomberg rather than people seeing Bloomberg mauling what was potentially good art. I don't neccessarily agree but I remember Bill Hicks saying something about being "off the artistic roll call forever".
weedy, Oct 27 2005

       Hopper could have had Denny's or some other restaurant.   

       Not sure what Magritte could have promoted.
bristolz, Oct 27 2005

       Granny Smith apples from www.fruitfromwashington.com.
jurist, Oct 27 2005

       Ah, so it does.
bristolz, Oct 28 2005

       Campbell's soup maybe?
husband_of_bath, Dec 07 2007

       //Campbell's soup maybe?//   

       Um... I think that was already covered in the actual idea.
jtp, Dec 07 2007

       In that 1980's TV show Silver Spoons the rich kid had the big giant crayola crayons decorating his room. Maybe it wasn't exactly art in and of itself but it was product placement without the actual product.
Jscotty, Dec 07 2007


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