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Public Toilet Door Advertising

Never do that again... Dia-Stop, at most good chemists now.
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They should put adverts on cubical doors in public toilets- it would give us something to read- and imagine the increase in sales if a laxative company were to advertise with this method-etc.

(Not that I suffer from that kind of problem or anything.)

rjo666, May 05 2001

Media Life article on Restroom Door Advertising
(Copied from my link in response to rmutt's anticipation of this happening in an annotation to the "Toiletainment" idea.) [jutta, May 05 2001]

AJ Indoor http://www.ajindoor.com/main.cfm
Company mentioned in that article. [jutta, May 05 2001]

Videoboard http://www.newad.com
[mighty_cheese, Jan 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. For a good time, call 555-6854.
td, May 05 2001

       Hey I got enough to read on the toilet.   

       Here I sit, broken-hearted....
globaltourniquet, May 05 2001

       One day, they're going to have to start using the 555 exchange prefix just to squeeze a few more numbers out of those crowded area codes, and then what are we going to use for fake telephone numbers?
egnor, May 05 2001

       Syntactically invalid ones? For more information, call 145-5486. Operators are standing by, at 1-800-QUERYME.
td, May 05 2001

       Actually, these are baked every day in Los Angeles. Cubicle as well as wall units have reasonably informative advertising.
thumbwax, May 05 2001

       My work phone has Q on 7 and Z on 9. Those aren't invalid anymore....
StarChaser, May 06 2001

       How about (speaking of fake telephone numbers) well formed numbers that draw on only dupes anyway?
Need to speak to a gastroenterologist? Call 1-900-639-9891 [my feces]
reensure, May 06 2001

       Our Friday-lunch pub-near-the-office has adverts above the urinals in the Gents.   

       Related bakings: todays sports pages framed above urinals in another pub I visit occasionally; and the local cinema has posters of movie-scene scripts framed above the urinals.
JKew, May 28 2001

       Better than them writing out some crude phrase or somebodies phone number.
tigerwren, Aug 08 2001

       Definately baked at my university campus. There are actually placeholders on the back of doors for legitimate ads to be positioned there.   

       Apparently, this form of advertising was also used by the state government in nightclub toilets during the period approaching this year's state election (which they lost, by the way).
mrkillboy, Aug 08 2001

       I would like to expand on this idea, as it is baked!, maybe though this isn't .. How about small flat screens that show quick 30 sec ads, like a TV ad. either on door or above urinal. The only hitch is vandilism etc..   

       The other use is on the trains, Im sick of staring at the same ad on the subway the whole trip, how about 30 sec ads..mnakes the trip a little more interesting, if they really like us they could have regular TV on the trains.
Moysh, Aug 13 2001

       The TVs-in-washrooms idea is also baked.
Monkfish, Aug 13 2001

       baking incident: ads for flavored stoli in toilet stalls of club 727, cleveland, as of friday night.
dj_photon, Sep 23 2001

       baked somewhat even in my limited experience: the backs of the stall doors in my highschool were routinely used for clubs' fliers, adverts for events, etc, and they are also here at college (though the clubs here are more interesting: lesbian reading group never existed in high school. i didn't know you could read lesbians though... )
Urania, Sep 25 2001

StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       Baked in Germany. See www.sitandwatch.de
norbert, Nov 08 2001

       Hows about a sponsored crossword? Each time the cubicle door is locked the previously filled-in answers disappear, leaving a fresh crossword for the new occupant. The crossword differs each day, so there's no point in crossword addicts making repeated visits the same day and hogging the cubicle.
Mygo, Nov 09 2001

       Most British service station toilets have ads above each urinal.
LardyBloke, Nov 09 2001

       Alternate ones (urinals, not service stations), in my experience, but the point is valid.
angel, Nov 09 2001

       //I would like to expand on this idea, as it is baked!, maybe though this isn't .. How about small flat screens that show quick 30 sec ads, like a TV ad. either on door or above urinal. The only hitch is vandilism etc..//   

       Baked by NewAd, and visible at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, in Toronto. See link.
mighty_cheese, Jan 14 2002

       im actually doing a university project on this at the moment. what ive got are small monitors above each urinal in nightclub toilets,which loop advertising every 1 minute.Also, at the beginning of the night, it advertises such things as drinks and promos, but progresses to such things as taxi numbers and fast food joints nearer the end of the night, to complement what the audience will be wanting more of.
garethdj, Nov 12 2002

       I was in a nightclub in Kingston (Surrey, UK) a while back which had LCD panels playing video adverts above each urinal. At the time I was there they were playing the Xbox advert.
bod, Nov 12 2002


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