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pole position pants

worn by racing driver with fastest lap time
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In bicycle road races, the stage winner wears a distintive gurnsey. The racing car drivers winning 'pole position' should have the opportunity to wear the coveted 'pole pants'. If they could be made in the form of 'thunderpants' (qv) so they send a message of doom to other drivers, so much the better.
pfperry, Jul 12 2002


       This is perhaps the first idea involving pants that i actually like.
[ sctld ], Jul 12 2002

       Race drivers wear one-piece fireproof suits, usually of Nomex or similar, and richly emblazoned with team colours, decals, and advertising logos. So it's not just pants. Maybe the pole position driver could fly a little flag from a mast on the top of his helmet ? You need some way of making the pants/suit distinctive without teeing off the advertisers who have paid much money to buy the space. Apart from that, it's a practicable idea, so why not ?
8th of 7, Jul 12 2002


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