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Paper Coins

Getting rid of metal money
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I really hate having coins in my pocket.

I know that it only costs 4 cents to mint a paper dollar of any value, so this "paper coin" idea would not be an expensive one.

Also, back in the olden days they had paper coins. I have several, smaller notes, of 5 or 25-cent denominations.

I would like to keep the size of the "Paper Coin" uniform with the modern bills America has, so’s that they fit in my wallet neatly and are not easily lost as a smaller piece of paper might be.

This procedure would cut back on many costs of the coining process, mining, purifying, melting and smelting metal, and thus minting.

Also it takes away that horrible metallic smell you get when you fumble through old change.

Silent Phar, Dec 04 2005

Paper coins or "shinplasters" http://www.frbsf.or...y/civilwar/history/
[skinflaps, Dec 05 2005]

Print your own money http://www.hasbro.c...hest/dn/default.cfm
[ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 06 2005]


       Think of all the gumball vendors you're going to force out of business.
jurist, Dec 04 2005

       poor poor gumball vendors...
daseva, Dec 04 2005

       but - you would always have money to burn
xenzag, Dec 04 2005

       Who gives a damn about Ford's gumball machines? I say if you want gumballs in this world, make it computer automated as our Coke machines and vending machines are.
Silent Phar, Dec 04 2005

       I can picture how fat my wallet would be if I didn't stay on top of trying to pay exact change all the time...   

       And what about the time honored games of pitching pennies / quarters?   

       And no satisfying jingle as you drop a handful of coins into a container / hand?
normzone, Dec 04 2005

       Time honored game of tossing pennies? I am not satisfied by a jingle of change.
Silent Phar, Dec 04 2005

       I feel sorry for you. Some days, its a jingle of change that keeps me going.
daseva, Dec 04 2005

       Wow. The people on this site are some kind of crazy. I love the ideas like "Apricot Mars Lander" that get buns, but something practical gets bones for taking away the jingle in your pocket. I digress, I will have to think up something that can be achieved and will offend no one.
Silent Phar, Dec 05 2005

       I have to question the idea being practical. Often, at the end of a busy weekend, I have several dollars in change in my pockets. That would equate to an extra half inch of paper in my wallet, or wads of paper in my pockets requiring a secondary money clip.
normzone, Dec 05 2005

       no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no.
DesertFox, Dec 05 2005

       The more practical approach would be to round everything to the nearest dollar, and phase out change altogether - that way, people like GumBob can keep jangling their pockets, while Phar and others step forward into their brave new paper-based currency future without fear of change.
zen_tom, Dec 05 2005

       //without fear of change.//
In both senses?
Ling, Dec 05 2005

       // Some days, its a jingle of change that keeps me going.//   

       Try to avoid it around the parts that I live.
skinflaps, Dec 05 2005

       Metal coinage lasts much longer than paper, doesn't it?   

       As you said in your description, it's already been done so there is no new idea here.   

       Why not something like plastic coins? Pebbles or sea shells would be nice too. If you could use hair clippings in place of coins then you could carry your laundy money on your head.
gootyam, Dec 05 2005

       Can you imagine how much fun a game of quarters will be at your next keg party?
Jscotty, Dec 05 2005

       And what of all the innuendo that will lose relevance? "Is that a roll of quarter notes in your pocket or are you pleased to see me" doesn't have the same ring to it.   

       That and by using the phrase "Also, back in the olden days they had paper coins", you pretty much announced to us all that this isn't an original invention.
hidden truths, Dec 05 2005

       As per link.
skinflaps, Dec 05 2005

       How would people with visual impairments differentiate between the differing 'coin' notes? Modern coinage is designed to be fairly easy to tell apart by touch.   

       Having worked counting the cash from parking meters, feeding a stack of notes into the couinter would be a lot harder than doing the same with coin. Notes in bulk require much more expensive machinery to count and handle than coins.
oneoffdave, Dec 05 2005

       Presumably in the same way as they tell apart notes now.
hidden truths, Dec 05 2005

       Here in the UK we have 5 denominations of notes that differ greatly in design and some in size too making differentiation simple. Thre are 8 denominations of coin that would have to be designed separately, complication the issue. My partner who is visually impaired can cope with UK currency and the Euro but finds US$ difficult as they are all the same size and colour. Adding coin notes to this system would be even worse.
oneoffdave, Dec 06 2005

       I'd sooner have everything metal than everything paper.
phundug, Dec 06 2005

       //I'd sooner have everything metal than everything paper// I don't want to visit your toilet any time soon.
coprocephalous, Dec 06 2005

       If you can't scratch a window with it, I don't accept it.
zeno, Dec 07 2005

       I agree with [phundug], screw paper money, coins kick ass.
MikeOxbig, Dec 08 2005

       One could have a dollar-sized piece of paper, perforated so that you could tear off smaller denominations (maybe dimes?).   

       But I too have a passionate love of coins and other round things, and so not only must I give you a bone, but all of my secret alter egos on the HB will also give anonymous bones. By God, [Phar], you will be boned like no other newcomer to the HB has been boned!
bungston, Dec 09 2005

       Plus, think of wishing wells! Instead of shiny glittering coins down there, there'd be a wad of soggy paper.
phundug, Dec 09 2005

       I hate you.
Silent Phar, Dec 11 2005

       I hate you all.
Silent Phar, Dec 11 2005

       Just for that, I had to add another alterego, so I could give one more bone.
bungston, Dec 11 2005

       Don't make this personal [Silent Phar]. People are simply expressing their opinions that they are fond of their change. It is analagous, in retrospect to the situation of the UK adopting the Euro, bottom line being that if people don't see a clear benefit to a change, they won't want to make it.   

       This is not a popular idea. You can either accept it and move on or not come back. You have won no friends with your comments, but the people around here are generally quite forgiving. You have shown that you are intelligent for your age. If you put some thought into your next ideas, I'm sure you can come up with some well received ones.   

       Personally I don't quite understand the unpopularity of your other idea. It could be because it is overly long and rambling, or because it seems to have some logical flaws to it. However, it has definitely had some serious thought put into it.Unfortunately for you, people coming around here to tell all about their 'genius' new ways to revolutionize the power generation industry on a routine basis and are often biased against their performance, on the basis that with the millions spent on researching things like this, if it was really viable people would have probably done it by now. Someone's user page used to have a more eloquent quote but I think it has since been taken down.   

       And <off topic> I hope your birthday went well last week. </ot>
hidden truths, Dec 11 2005

       [Silent Phar], replacing pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with paper money would actually cost more money rather than save money. While the paper money is less expensive to print, metal coins last longer in circulation than bills do, and they are cheaper to "process" which is how they determine if a coin or a bill needs to be removed from circulation. Coins can be weighed, but bills must be individually examined. Cost savings would actually be realized by doing the opposite of what you suggest. I would actually support discontinuing the penny and dollar bill, and introducing a new (larger than the current US one) dollar coin. Cash registers could remain the same except the coin bins would be $.05, .10, .25, and 1.00; and bill slots would go $2.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 20.00.
JakePatterson, Dec 11 2005

       I ain't intelligent for my age; other people are just ignorant for theirs. Metal money is such a hatred of mine; I hate the weight, the sound, the metallic odor, and the fact that so much energy goes into making them, their simplicity, and a bunch of other features that make them suck. I know that it would probably take more trees than anyone, including myself, would want to give to such an endeavor, but I still feel that it would be a better change. I hate the jingle in my pocket, I hate sitting in certain types of seats and having the change fall out, I hate having to roll the coins up, I hate how the bank won't take them. I think that, that divider in my wallet could finally go to some use, dividing the dollars from the cents. I really don't see how any of your opinions are valid, "The jingle in my pocket keeps me going," how does a sound made by clanging pieces of metals "keep you going?"   

       I understand your concern that this is not a new idea, "paper coins" and all, but the idea of making them dollar bill sized and similar is.   

       Anyhow.... I still think this is some how getting lame.
Silent Phar, Dec 12 2005

       About the rounding, I'm from Israel and there they don't have a one cent coin anymore. The stores still advertise prices as being X.99 but its all an illusion. They should do that in America too.
thebigo195, Dec 12 2005

       I think the point of view your looking at is much too American. Over here in Australia, we have plastic notes, from 5 - 100 $, and the smallest coin is 5c. Why don't you consider plastic, as opposed to paper, much more durable, and harder to forge.
Honduras, Dec 12 2005

       C'mon, plastic money would be pretty easy to forge...wouldn't it?
MikeOxbig, Dec 13 2005

       Not if it's molded the same way as Australian notes are...   

       You've never seen Australian currency, have you?
Honduras, Dec 13 2005

       Yes, and spent lots of it too.
skinflaps, Dec 13 2005

       Again, why not plastic?
miggavin, Dec 13 2005

       No [Honduras], I haven't. How are they made that makes them so forge proof?
MikeOxbig, Dec 13 2005


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