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Parallelogram Pool

Distortions distortions...
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A new twist to add to the game of pool would be to make the tables into parallelograms. The new angles would force people to think outside of the box. And into the parallelogram/

So would torii pool tables.

DesertFox, Dec 10 2005

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       This may be baked or I might have a lousy pool table.
hidden truths, Dec 10 2005

       At first I thought you meant a swimming pool, and I know a guy who had one in the shape of Tennessee.
Silent Phar, Dec 11 2005

       I don't think you know the definition of a Parallelogram, because a standard pool table is already one. I think you were thinking Rhombus. Anyhow you get a fish for error.
Silent Phar, Dec 11 2005

       It might be fun if that were part of your shot. E.g. "Jeanette Lee is electing a reangulation of the table - recall that each player only gets to use this once per game - Aha! what a beautiful rearrangement, the ball is no longer trapped against the wall and she's got a clear shot at the 9 ball."
phundug, Dec 11 2005

       [Silent Phar], true, but no mistake.   

       But isnt it a bit trollish to bone for one small unaviodable word? What else would you call what I am describing? It is a parallelogram, nothing else. Rhombus is incorrect. Rhombii have equal side lengths.   

       A 90 degree parallelogram is correctly called a rectangle. We dont call squares rectangles, yet they are one.
DesertFox, Dec 11 2005

       Non-rectangular paralleogram pool table? Are we cool with that?
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 11 2005

       If the table was only a couple of degrees out then fine, it might make a good table to hustle on - but there are many and varied novelty pool tables. I've played on a hexagonal, oval and T-shaped tables not to mention the craziness that is bar-billiards.
Jinbish, Dec 11 2005

       I just had an image of all the swimmers being left in a (drowning) mass in one corner at the end of a race.
Dub, Dec 11 2005

       8-ball, uh... obtuse pocket.   

       I was actually thinking of the acute angle - Or was that a dig? :)
Dub, Dec 11 2005

       The great bulk of people can't wrap their minds around the physics of pool on a standard table.
contracts, Dec 11 2005

       Your right, a rhombus does have equal sides. When I envisioned this idea, I thought of it being like a squared table.   

       Anyway, since you think and or feel I was at fault with my words, a bun he gets. I don't know what a troll is, unless you are referring to that which lives under a bridge, more commonly known as a homeless man.
Silent Phar, Dec 12 2005

       On this site "troll" shows up more than does "homeless man."
bristolz, Dec 12 2005


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