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Seriously Suspended License

More invasive, more effective
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This device consists of four items of 'jewelry', each built similarly to a house arrest bracelet. One is attached to each of the suspendee's wrists and ankles. The devices can be linked together to attach the suspendee's hands to their feet, or unlinked to allow free movement, at the push of a button: the suspendee can link or unlink at will and the device can tell when it is unlinked. Near field RFID is used to confirm that the devices are linked, so there is no bypassing the link detection by wiring contacts to each other.

If the device detects that it is unlinked and has a gps speed of more than 20 mph, it tattles to the police and begins video recording to later prove in court whether the suspendee was driving: the suspendee is responsible for keeping these cameras uncovered while riding as a passenger. In addition, whenever the device believes it is linked up and a passenger, it intermittently sends a few frames of video to the parole officer, so that they have an opportunity to detect if the suspendee has found a bypass. So, the suspendee may ride in a car or plane by linking their hands to their feet while sitting in the passenger seat, but they will not be able to drive.

quadmaster, Nov 25 2020


       So FOUR electronic tags, with cameras. Ok, do both wrists and ankles have to be linked? Because I'm not sure many people could achieve that on an aircraft seat. If it's just one ankle and one wrist, then I could cross my left leg over my right knee, rest either of my wrists on that and easily drive an automatic.   

       How is this transmitting video frames? standard mobile 4G data link? Four of them? or one and a data interlink (separate to the NFD) WiFi? How does that work on an aircraft or out of mobile data coverage (eg. underground rail)? What happens if the perp has access to a car converted to hand controls? What happens if the perp works in a Faraday cage? It's more common both intentionally (electronics, power, electrophysiology) or unintentionally (ships, shipping containers, rail cars) than you might think. How does the video work if it's dark? How does it work if the perp is riding a bicycle and it's cold? Riding a bicycle around below freezing with all four limbs exposed is no joke - but it might be the perp's only option to get to work.   

       There's a lot more wrong with this idea, but I thought I'd start with why it can't be done before the more obvious reasons why it shouldn't be done.
bs0u0155, Nov 25 2020


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