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Passenger Pedal Power

It's better than just sitting there
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Excercise bike pedals built into the passenger side of a car, or hidden when not in use. Useful for long trips when you have nothing to do but snack. Of course, can be integrated into a hybrid system for better gas milage.
Worldgineer, Dec 28 2005

More of a rowing machine, but ... http://www.humancar.com/
There is a link w/ videos also. They say 30mph + [Zimmy, Oct 19 2006]


       I tend to operate pretend pedals when I'm a passenger (a nervous passenger) applying faux brakes is a wonderful stomach exercise.
po, Dec 29 2005

       The door handle squeeze is also good at burning calories.
Worldgineer, Dec 29 2005

       I find that getting out of the car and running beside it tends to be more effective.
Jscotty, Dec 29 2005

       Wouldn't you maybe be more likely to slam into outstreched branches and wires, and even traffic signs? Oh hell, why not!
blissmiss, Dec 29 2005

       a fully baked idea with specific new application. should it be deleted ?
vedarshi, Jan 01 2006

       They should do this for planes, too.
NHstud1216, Jan 02 2006

       No kidding.. planes, trains and automobiles. I wouldn't mind one on my bike, too... oh, wait...
bun with pedals [+]
roleohibachi, Jan 02 2006


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