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A social network and better patent search website
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Google patent search has a few flaws:
a. No images
b. No "categories"
c. No user input about patents
d. No user descriptions and images
e. No links to baked implementations
f. No extra information wished by the patent searching and layman community.
g. A dry user experience, without anything exciting like: News, Expired patents, Interesting patents etc., Search term statistics.

Geeks would love this website.

Here's the layout:
Front page: News, Interesting patents, Latest searches, My searches, My stored patent finds (including comments). Interesting patents, Latest expired patents.

Advanced search page (with web cloud and categories) and term graph-map (that in fact DOES exist on google search)

Search Result List: set quantity of results. Show thumbnails of 3 images and ... if more exist.

Hovering over image shows it larger. Clicking image opens it full page - with hide-able bar on left of other images. (or some other nifty UX of images, and the choice between them)

Clicking the [...] button pops up a gallery.

User can change title or add a remark. Also can join discussion on each patent. Chosen title can be proposed to community and voted on.

Users can upload images, links and write text - under three categories: 1) images links and text about baked and implemented . Or 2) better images and descriptions. 3) related patents.

The related patents and images will be automatically filled from the patent itself (and marked as so) but the users will probably fill it up.

Anti spam and abuse will be deterred via a system of moderators.

pashute, Jun 15 2011

Peer to patent http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Peer-to-Patent
[xaviergisz, Jun 15 2011]


       Do it. Bun pending.
doctorremulac3, Jun 15 2011

       You also need to include subspheres for specializations such as medicine, engineering, etc.
WcW, Jun 15 2011

       [xaviergisz] - peer2patent is a professional tool for patent offices. PatentSearchTogether is a fun tool for us binventors - or boneheads.   

       [WcW] - excactly! that's what I meant by categories.   

       [dr.MULack] - I started first discussing with a programmer I know in India, who may partner with me on it. I then put the details here, so that anyone who wishes to join, may.   

       My email is at gmail with my hb username.
pashute, Jun 15 2011


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