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add on to apps and websites (that support it) for searching and acting on your app or open browser tab from google
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Only you get to see the results, only your open apps or permitted pages and apps can be accessed.

You want to change the language settings on your app? Don't just get instructions, and read through tons of material. Ask the browser to "do it for you". A short series of iterations with a discussion between this "service" and the user will bring the app you want modified up to focus. Recognized as Foo the app, the SearchAnDo will know how to configure it as a series of actions, stopping securely to ask you for permission when needed.

If your looking at a PDF image doc and searching for text inside it gives nothing, the SearchAnDo knows to open an OCR program to scan the image, to check the snopes website and search the web, checking if this is legit, or has any issues, and finally marks the location of the searched text within the image.

etc. etc.

The next step of course is to attach this to actual robots in the house. And for security reasons it comes also with SearchUnDo.

pashute, Jun 12 2014


       ok, nobody likes this idea. why?
pashute, Jun 16 2014

       I have no idea what you're trying to describe. It sounds like "AI internet assistant" which would be m-f-d magic or a collection of several ideas that are well baked.
Voice, Jun 16 2014

       I don't think its magic. I think the easiest way to implement would be for the program to follow instructions that it could identify when written in a standard way. Why can't the computer identify file- >settings->languages->Hebrew when you search for "how do i change language to hebrew?".   

       SearchAnDo. Makes simple sense.   

       But to answer the question why nobody likes, or has clicked likes, is probably because it's not halfbaked in any other sense than its an idea you haven't worked on.   

       I tend to like ideas that are more halfbaked meaning crazy, rather than halfbaked meaning not worked on.
rcarty, Jun 16 2014

       I *like* the name of the idea. Sounds like ScoobyDo.
xandram, Jun 17 2014

blissmiss, Jun 17 2014

       You can't undo a virus. Security will be an issue. How can you trust that it will do what you want it to? What if the button says: Change my wallpaper, but instead it infects your computer? "Do" is another word for "executable application" which is widely baked and not used due to security issues.
ixnaum, Jun 24 2014


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