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Pay-for-Read Weekly

Why stop at free catalogs or magazines? Pay the reader!
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The magazine is available only by free subscription. It consists of two pieces:

1) Advertisements

2) A ten dollar bill.

The bill is stuck between two pages, in such a way that it cannot easily be shaken out or found; the reader has to at least leaf through, on average, 50% of the magazine to find it.

jutta, Jul 24 2000

Free magazines http://www.halfbake...ea/Free_20magazines
This idea came out of exaggerating "Free magazines" [jutta, Jul 24 2000]

iwon.com http://www.iwon.com/
I bet you were joking about those Internet start-ups. (This site is a portal that pays you with a lottery system for clicking on links.) Truth is often stranger... [egnor, Jul 24 2000]

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       The trouble with this is that advertisers want to attract those who already have expendable money, not those who would be desperate to leaf through a load of meaningless rubbish in order to find cash. Ultimately, your magazine would be "read" most avidly by the illiterate underclass.
Lemon, Jul 24 2000

       In that case the advertisers should all be Internet start-ups. They're all heavily funded by VCs and don't seem to need revenues. Anyway, they're not after money, they're after market share, so they'd happily advertise in Jutta's Pay-for-Read weekly.   

       I'll have ten subscriptions please.
hippo, Jul 24 2000

       heres what they do: randomly give away $1, $5, $10, $20, $100, or $1000 checks in each mag. have 20 different ads with envelopes on them (costs extra to the advertiser, of course) and only 1 (also randomly selected) with ca$h in it.
cybercyph, Aug 14 2000


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