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Pay Per Pierce

Let other people pay for your piercing
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I am currently in the process of moving into offices next to a piercing studio.

While enjoying a bit of random knuckle bloodletting while mounting my servers in their shiny new rack, my mind wandered to piercing. As far as I understand it, there are girls that enjoy getting private parts pierced. There are also sure to be people who would enjoy watching said girls getting their privates pierced - the other day someone sent me an AVI of a girl getting her clittoris pierced, so obviously there is an audience for that.

Why not combine the two into a profitable business. You would run a standard piercing studio, but one room would have a one way mirror in it. People wishing to watch a piercing would pay for the cost of the piercing, plus 20%. Girls wishing to have a piercing done for free would come in, tell the studio what they wanted to have pierced and see if anyone was waiting on the list.

The two parties would be brought together for the event (separated by the glass), and everyone would go away happier. The girl would get her parts pierced for free, the viewer would get to indulge their fetish, the studio gets increased business and an extra 20% on any such job.

Whether anyone would be up for being watched is the question, but the fact that they are there getting genitalia pierced would suggest that the girls are at least a little kinky.

Security would also be a potential problem, you wouldn't want a viewer to start stalking the pierced girl to get a closer look, maybe holding the viewer for half an hour after the display to stop them following??

safetyboy, Dec 22 2001


       I'm sure you'd get buyers as well as sellers. Rig up a Pay-Per-View webcam for a bigger audience. Sell 'Best of' CDs.   

       Don't forget to give the piercing shop proprietor his cut.
phoenix, Dec 22 2001

       well i'd pay to see that. well, no i wouldnt. but i'd watch it for free after downloading it off of a file sharing program. or i would if i could find any on file sharing programs.   

       now train the girl in how to safely pierce herself and then have her do it live on web cam or on stage and there you go. each girl could only do it one time, so you'd need to charge alot of money per show; but i'm sure theres plenty of rich folks out there willing to pay.   

       can you say Vegas?
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 26 2003


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