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Perpetual Flying Brothel

Lease an Airbus (or a Boeing) and register your brothel in Holland
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1. In Holland and Belgium, prostitution is legal.

2. Lease a big fat Boeing or an Airbus, and make cabins in it.

3. Hire girls - a wide diversity.

4. Take off from Brussels or Amsterdam and fly to wherever there's a need. Fly around.

5. The girls remain onboard during the entire trip. When they make stop-overs, they do not have to check out or be subjected to passport control. They are registered as air crew.

6. Example: >Fly from Brussels to Paris: pick up men; frustrated frenchies have TransAtlantic Fun. >In the US, frenchies get out and return home with a normal flight. >In the US, pick up men. Fly to Canada; etc...

This idea is a bit similar to the ideas of offshore floating brothels or outsourcing IT services to teams aboard cruise ships in international waters [see link].

django, Mar 24 2006

Sea Code http://www.sea-code.com/
"Hybrid outsourcing" [django, Mar 24 2006]

Hooters Air http://www.hootersair.com/
[Wagster's] link's buggered [skinflaps, Mar 24 2006]

Redundant? Gentlemen_27s_20Airline
Albeit less detail [Shz, Mar 24 2006]


       How can you not love the idea of the 'vice tour', where you're the rockstar!
Asinine, Mar 24 2006

       This is bordering on feasible, although I doubt the whoring industry is large or stable enough to support the leasing of large aircraft. Still, Hooters Bars surprised the world by starting an airline (link).
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       "Hi, I'm Mandy"
skinflaps, Mar 24 2006

       Hi Mandy. I see your skinflaps.
django, Mar 24 2006

       Would they wear twin-prop pasties? What about G-force strings?
normzone, Mar 24 2006

       "In the event of a water landing, flotation devices can be found under your seats or on the front of your cabin crew..."
friendlyfire, Mar 24 2006

       Obligatory comment about giving a flying fuck.
baconbrain, Mar 27 2006

       There is not much privacy in a plane, even if you got the whole row to yourself.
bungston, Mar 27 2006

       British Whoreways?
whimsickle, Mar 28 2006

       Thanks [skin], for some reason I can't actually get to hootersair.com from within this corporate lan. Can't think why.
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       You could have "freaky effect" windows that shake and appear to be struck by outside objects (birds, gnarling yeti, etc.) to shock people. That way when the pilot tells all passengers that something is interesting if viewed out one side of the plane, like a sunset or the Grand Canyon, even those not lucky enough to have a window seat catch some of the action.
reensure, Mar 29 2006

       The plane would have to be sectioned up. Seats removed and some beds put in. British Airways, methinks, already has beds on planes for long flights.   

       A soundproofing. A must.
consadine, May 19 2006


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