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"It's a game of 2 halves, Jim, and neither of them matter"
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What's being put forward here is some kind of non-competitive sport. Sure people train, and gain skills, and demonstrate their abilities... but no one keeps count... Some of the ideas so far are:

1)Ostensively football, but with only one goal post.

2)Unbeknownst to each player, half of each team changes sides... at random intervals. I.e. half of each of the teams goals could be own-ones. And when both teams go home, half their fans ignore them, the other half adore them.

Dub, Nov 27 2005

(?) Chess Boxing http://www.trendcen...leId=1026&tcCatId=5
I'll move my bishop, then punch your lights out! [sleeka, Nov 27 2005]

(?) Competitor without a cause http://www.2012olympiccompetitor.co.uk/
[Dub, Nov 27 2005]

Calvinball! http://www.everythi...x.pl?node_id=154396
[moomintroll, Nov 27 2005]

Squamish http://www.everythi...x.pl?node_id=574829
My god there's hundreds of 'em. [moomintroll, Nov 27 2005]


       //Don't comment just yet, please!// oops, sorry.   

       like I said - just remove one goalpost - simple!   

       I think we need a link here to jtg's 2012 attempt.
po, Nov 27 2005

       This appears to be a thinly veiled rant at competitive sports.
The UK government tried this to the point that you couldn't have a race in the school sports day.
This only stifled the people who could actually run/throw/jump because they couldn't wear their school colours in case it marked them as being 'better' than the last placed competitor.
suspended while editing [mfd] Rant, widely known to exist (albeit in the UK!) and not much of an idea - some of them totalled one!.
gnomethang, Nov 27 2005

       dub (I think) wants a game that everyone can win. its not a rant.   

       btw. I just loved the video clip of Georgie signalling with his fingers to the opposition "come on, take me, come on! " god bless, Bestie.
po, Nov 27 2005

       Or require all sports to be half non-competitive, and half dangerously competitive, like chess-boxing <link>. Then watch whichever parts of the contest you like.   

       My theory, which has gotten me punched in the face by many females, is to require that all referees/umpires are women: "Sure, your team won 6-0, but I felt the that way that you guys treated the other team in the second half was just a way of expressing your own insecurities. Therefore, I'm giving the victory to the other team."
sleeka, Nov 27 2005

       I'm still collecting mfd's I see! tut!   

       [Gnomethang]No..not a rant. I love motor-sports. I'm not particularly bad at sports... really. Oh, yeah. I wouldn't play now, I weigh more than an entire football team! But I enjoyed rugby at school primary school, and love archery. I used to really enjoy cross-country running. Please don't label me a screaming liberal either! Competition is natural. But somehow it's become more important to some people than fun!   

       [sleeka]Chess-boxing?! Fabulous! :)))
Dub, Nov 27 2005

       Yes, it is an idea, [po], but it is also a rant. "I don't like this, I would respect that, this annoys me, and that bothers me," et cetera.   

       The idea doesn't come into the picture until the last two lines. Flesh this out more, [dub].   

       [-] if not [mfd].
contracts, Nov 27 2005

       m-f'ing mfd.. beautiful commentary, however!
roleohibachi, Nov 27 2005

       [contracts] I see your point... It was mostly cut and pasted from an e-mail... and it probably was a rant then... I did manage to announce my-own views rather than just the idea. I'll see what I can do...   

       {slap} Note to self:{Think specifications next time, dub!}
Dub, Nov 27 2005

       If you m-f-d, does that make you a m-f-er?
wagster, Nov 27 2005

       its not a rant, contracts but I can see how you would think it is...being the annoying...   

       //"I don't like this, I would respect that, this annoys me, and that bothers me," et cetera.// who said that?
po, Nov 27 2005

       this is a reallly bad name
neilp, Nov 29 2005

       I just saw a 2 min piece on chess boxing. I just had to check and see if the idea originated on this site. It seemed like it could have.
Zimmy, May 07 2007

       I thought the pedosphere was the layer of the earth's atmoshphere extending from ground level up to about 2 or 4 inches?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 07 2007

       In a certain light, that name is hilarious; almost like a satire of what 'jock' archetypes think of noncompetitive sports. See, here in the UK, 'pedo' is the chummy abbreviation for 'paedophile'. So the 'pedosphere'? a whole...ball of them? Ewwwww.
navel-gazer, May 09 2007


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