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Peel-away Soles

Never scrape dog-doo from your shoes again.
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Shoes should be manufactured with several layers of peel-away plastic on the soles that prevent against messy situations when one forgets to look where one leaps.

The plastic layers could be regular Nitrocellulose tape, molded to fit with the tread design of the shoe bottom to promote traction.

When the unfortunate incident occurs, the befouled layer of plastic can be quickly peeled away, by pulling on a slightly protruding tab, to reveal a new layer of clean plastic.

The plastic will not be so thick as to create an imbalance in step when one shoe has less layers than another. When the layers run out, replacements can be purchased for your particular design of shoe.

Of course, this plastic would be best used for shoes with less stresses placed on the soles by friction. Such shoes would be walking shoes, dress shoes. Your smelly old sneakers however may not benefit from this protection.

ImBack, Aug 28 2002

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       Given that it is now covered in doggie do, how do you reach said befouled layer to remove it?   

       I say, watch where you walk. And if you don't, God gave us neighbours' doorsteps.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2002

       I hate to respond this way but the answer is: very carefully!
ImBack, Aug 29 2002

       How about Teflon soles? Nothing would stick to them. Might make your feet a little stiff, though.
BinaryCookies, Aug 29 2002

       on stilts! (see link)
Jinbish, Aug 29 2002


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