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"Where'er you walk".
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Inner-soles that the wearer sprays with perfume.

The perfume is micro-encapsulated in the spray.

Walking pressure bursts a few microcapsules throughout the day and rising warm air envelopes the body with unlocatable, hence mysterious, perfume "wher'er you walk."

Essence de Cross Trainers non-mysteriously enveloping a visiting grandson gave me the idea.

rayfo, May 19 2001

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       Untangling the mystery of smell, some will disappoint you. A perfume only provides half the stimulus while the total experience of smell will occur by an interaction of the perfume and other odors it mixes with about three feet away.
reensure, May 19 2001

       Of course. I was being mock-serious - or was it sock-serious.
rayfo, May 19 2001

       "Gee, your feet smell terrific"?
StarChaser, May 22 2001

       There are too many people that already abuse colognes and perfumes, so why give them another tool to kill us all with?
WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008


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