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Peer-to-Peer coolant system

Save energy with heat sharing
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Take all of your home cooling appliances, like refrigerators, deep freezers, etc. Connect all of their individual coolant systems together with pipe (wrapped with sufficient insulation) and add extra coolant to fill the space. This way, when one opens the fridge or freezer, the initial heat surge will be routed to every appliance's condenser coils, and the heat will be dispersed quickly and efficiently. It's peer-to-peer technology at it's best!
Akabaka, Oct 09 2005


       I dunno more trouble than it's worth maybe? How easy would it be to fuck up the whole system?
Eugene, Oct 09 2005

       When I first read this idea, I thought you were proposing connecting the air conditioning of a house in a hot area to the heaters of a house in a cold area. I think [Eugene] is right, it would be more trouble than it's worth.
discontinuuity, Oct 09 2005

       Probably you'd hook up hot pipes to the hot pipes of the next appliance, I'm not sure about cold pipes.Also, if you connect the air conditioner to the system, all of that heat supposed to go outside the house is now inside. :p
Akabaka, Oct 09 2005


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