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Pirate PVR

Drag the TV and movie industries into the 21st century
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Replace everyone's set top box with a PC/tablet.

This would be a software product that provides a PVR like interface that even my parents can use (!!), harnessing torrents (and streaming) to provide access to the latest and greatest movies, documentaries, and television series - while at the same time (hopefully) satisfying big content by providing an advertising medium.

Content will be provided in Channels, which are controlled by sponsors - users with a motivation to publish content. This would help avoid (read:dodge) some of the initial legal implications.

Content and advertising would be delivered via torrents and/or streaming (for live sport etc). Any "channels" you "watch" will automatically have their content downloaded onto the machine as soon as new content becomes available.

A website should exist for big content to be able to claim ownership of content, and allow them to upload adverts to be delivered with said content. (yes, they shall be billed, but not much)

Advertising should be non-intrusive - adverts only playing while video is paused (and when the user wants (?) to watch adverts)

Was thinking of combining a few opensource products to deliver this - VLC + uTorrent + new interface = magix!

I don't think TPB would mind us scraping their site, right?

ArchimaX, Dec 03 2012

Roku http://www.roku.com/
Roku Streaming Player [ArchimaX, Dec 03 2012]


       A Roku does a lot of this and could do a lot more of this if anyone bothered to create the right channels.   

       They have "Private Channels" that are developed open source.
Kansan101, Dec 03 2012


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