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Polite Alarm Clock

An alarm clock for the apartment lifestyle
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If you have ever set your alarm of (accidentally) to go off after you have left the apartment and your neighbors are getting pissed off at you, you need something like this.

An alarm clock with a sensor facing or placed on the wall(s) adjacent to your apartment. It will detect your neighbors pounding on the wall, and can be set to a number of consecutive pounds or any pounding. This way, when you forget your alarm again, and it's waking the neighbors, you can just tell them to pound on the wall in a certain place, a certain number of times, and the alarm will go off for sure.

It's no excuse for not fixing your alarm settings, but for those who's life or job demands them at odd times of the day, this is good, like for people with on-call jobs.

Only problem: With an alarm this smart, why not have it detect if you are even in bed? maybe this is a smarter idea.. but too late, i've typed this out already. haha.

twitch, Apr 18 2007

You are redunding a bit here: Alarm_20clock_20tha...you_27re_20in_20bed
[phundug, Apr 18 2007]


       Ah...I thought this was going to be along the lines of "Excuse me, sir, I apologize for disturbing you, but you really should be thinking about getting up"...
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       Either that, or "I'm sorry, I didn't ring at 8:00 because you looked so peaceful and I was afraid I might wake you."
phundug, Apr 18 2007


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