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MyCauses Sponsor Jackets

NASCAR-style jackets, customized with your beliefs and causes
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We're all familiar with NASCAR drivers' outfits, which bear the logos of the companies that sponsor their racing team. How about jackets that, instead of product or corporate logos, bear customized patches for the various be or participates inliefs, interests, hobbies, or causes that person supports? An online interface would enable the customer to pick the desired patches and determine their location (sleeve, chest, back, etc.).

The beauty of this is, you could have all SORTS of logos. You could have "GOD" logos and "ATHEISM" logos, "SEX" or "CHASTITY," "ECOLOGY" or "DEVELOPMENT," "BASEBALL" or "CURLING" or... whatever.

smendler, Mar 30 2013

pretty much like the Girl Scouts https://www.google....XUdG2Nva-4AOA3YHoDQ
[xandram, Mar 30 2013]

Captain Amazing http://www.freewebs...tery/andtherest.htm
[normzone, Apr 05 2013]


       Like students who cover their jackets and backpacks with political pins as their sole form of activism.
rcarty, Mar 30 2013

       //bear customized patches   

       Is this some kind of social project to give soon to be unemployed polar bears a new trade?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 30 2013

       This is advocacy of advocacy. Anyway, there are already articles of clothing that serve this purpose. Just yesterday I saw 'Faith', 'WWJD?', something related to a charity associated with professional wrestling, and 'Juicy'.
Alterother, Mar 30 2013

       [21Q] you seem to be assuming that this idea is merely the lazy man's alternative to the tradition of sewing patches onto one's clothes. In actual fact, the idea is much more sophisticated than that, as [smendler] will now explain:
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 30 2013

       No, not curling! How can you justify supporting that???
Cedar Park, Apr 04 2013

       ummm, errrr, ahhhh.... 21Q's got a point, actually, buuuut I'm also suggesting patches for abstract concepts
smendler, Apr 05 2013

       Perhaps just ribbons pinned to one's chest, or colourful rubber bracelets?
4whom, Apr 05 2013

       Something novel should this way come. Like lenticular sponsor jacket logos. "Sponsors" camera angle at 18 degrees,"Just Causes" chimera angle at 0 degrees.
4whom, Apr 05 2013


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