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Perfect Service through spying

A restaurant spys to find out exactly what customers want
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Microphones hidden in the tables allow the restaurant to discover what people don't like. Moments after finding the soup too salty,"Oh I am so sorry, there was an accident in the kitchen and the soup was ruined. I hope you have not tasted it!"

Someone complains that the portions are meager and a complimentary appetizer appears on the table.

macrumpton, May 24 2004


       "The steak is great, but it was at best 12 oz. when it was put into the pan, not the 16 oz. they promised on the menu." - Does the cook come up with another 4 oz. steak or a kitchen scale?
kbecker, May 24 2004

       There are so many ways this would backfire against the restaurant's reputation ...
dpsyplc, May 24 2004

       This couldn't backfire, If someone is abusing this, then they don't get anything special. I could envision this working well with desserts. +
swimr, May 24 2004

       baked in 'My Restaurant Rules" (tedious Australian reality TV program)
neilp, May 25 2004

       I have visions of Gordon Ramsey flying out of the kitchen, punching a customer, and going back to his work without uttering a word.
Fishrat, May 25 2004


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