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Hot food and hot boys!!!
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The male equivalent of Hooters! Hot boys wearing (or not wearing, ladies or gentlemen pick) hot stuff serving hot, spicy food...food comes from all different regions...indian, thai, buffalo chicken wings, chinese, etc. just hott!!

There are private party rooms for bachlor(ette) parties and birthdays...thumping techno music...a bar with...of course hot male bartenders...

Of course they sell thongs, muscle shirts, tight jeans with the "Hotboys" logo...and of course they cater and do private parties...I shouldn't have shared this...

dami, Mar 15 2001

One hot boy... http://www.hotornot...?eid=BMEMOU&key=LEF
Okay, it's just me... but I want to work at HotBoys... I bet the tips are good. [pnewp, Mar 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Great! a new place to eat lunch...... pnewp...get a better photo....and put on some tight jeans and a muscle shirt....
Susen, Mar 16 2001

       I really, really want to vote against this idea, but because I know that I would only be doing that because I am myself male and necessarily not because I think it is a bad idea, I will concede to admitting my urge in an annotation and moving on. <grr>
absterge, Mar 16 2001

       absterge: What Peter means is that you can grin and bare all......   

       I'm all for calling the place "Rockets" although "Peckers" is a great name too..... (or "Peters" <evil grin>)   

       waugs: tell me about Castro/San Fran, CA...who is the intended clientele? Do I really want to know?
Susen, Mar 16 2001

       As for the lead idea, I'm only voting with my feet!
pnewp: Thanks for showing me that I should never, under any circumstances, vote on a gal's looks!
waugsqueke: Unless she's on display at the fair.
reensure, Mar 16 2001

       I thought about this idea too... only my restaurant would be called "Buns".
tikifish, Jun 29 2001

       This title is hardly conducive to the average drop-in here.
It isn't...is it?
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       Have a croissant or two!!! This is an EXCELLENT idea! Men can be pleasing to the eye just like women can, so why not celebrate the lift that viewing a handsome man can give one's heart.
Sparki, Sep 12 2001

bspollard, Dec 04 2002


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