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Personal Alarm Clock

Let your spouse sleep for once
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My wife is sick of hearing my alarm clock blaring every morning, waking her up 2 hours before she needs to rise.

Why not develop an alarm clock into which you program two or more separate wake times? Each wake time corresponds to a different color-coded device that can be worn on the body such as a wrist/ankle/finger band that vibrates (similar to the silent mode on a cell phone). This way, you will be awoken without interrupting the sleep of your partner.

Archbishop Furball, Apr 18 2007

Vibrating Alarm Watches http://www.epill.com/vibration.html
(The first of many such on Google.) [DrCurry, Apr 18 2007]

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       Alarm watches are Widely Baked. No need to link them together somehow.
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       Baked: it's called a cat. Cats are born with the idea that a human's on/off switch is that roundish thing that protrudes from the middle of the face. One pushes it to switch one's human on.
Ned_Ludd, Apr 19 2007

       Hmm. Not sure that alarm watches quite fit the bill, [DrCurry]. I'm woken by my son's alarm watch, in vibrate mode, from two room's away. He sleeps through it, no bother.   

       That's despite the fact that I'm half deaf. But its vibrate mode sounds like a cow in labour to me.   

       I've considered swapping it secrectly for a version that delivers an EHT shock instead. I probably wouldn't hear that, although I might hear him landing on the floor after leaping high in the air.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 19 2007


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