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Personal Space

wristband prevents products from working once stolen
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A wristband that uses a wireless link to communicate with the user's personal electronic property (mobile phone, laptop computer, electronic wallet?). If the users property is taken out of the wristbands range, i.e stolen, the property would render itself useless. If the wristband itself is removed or un-locked it would shut down. The personal property relies upon the wristband and the wristband relies upon a second device kept in the users home. The electronic items and the wristband are coded together using this home based product. If the wristband is stolen with the users property it will still not function, as the home based product is required to reset the wristband once removed. This product could perhaps have other application as well, such as access to your home or car?.
ian m, Mar 20 2003

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       This was baked. Read about exactly this product over a year ago in NY Times.
roby, Mar 20 2003


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