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Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwich CD Carry Case

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A CD carry case, designed to look like a somewhat mouldy peanut butter and cheese sandwich, for the twin purposes of tricking the light fingered and beweirding the nearby.
calum, Dec 20 2004

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       What, no pickle?   

       Bun on hold [=] pending pickle.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2004

       I presume Peanut Butter and Cheese is just Peanut Butter and Jam for weirdoes?
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       ahh! the perfect thing to take into my next grant application meeting.
benfrost, Dec 22 2004

       I don't really want this, so am I normal?
reensure, Dec 23 2004

       Maybe a bagel shape would be better than a panloaf sanny.
calum, Dec 23 2004

       A large knot roll or small circle loaf could accomodate larger libraries. Incorporate peanut butter, cheese, hard boiled egg, tomato, banana, lettuce and alfalfa sprouts as required.
Detly, Dec 24 2004

       Were it not deadly, I imagine peanut butter and cheese, especially a good sharp cheese, would be quite good.
bristolz, Dec 24 2004

       And to keep the cheese on the roll, lard.
calum, Dec 24 2004

       I heartily endorse the use of the word "beweirding."
Tabbyclaw, Jul 13 2007

       The way music sucks these days I'd think there's be more need for a sandwich case diguised like a CD holder to keep your lunch from being stolen.
doctorremulac3, Jul 13 2007

       .....My CD's would be ruined!! I would try to eat them! Think: You're in a waiting room at the Doc's. You're waiting. You brought your CD's and player. And your lunch. You put your CD's in your lunch bag, to save space. You get hungry. You are bored out of your mind, so you absent-mindedly grab your CD's and take a bite. Either your CD's or your teeth..... I can't say I would buy one.
TahuNuva, Nov 03 2007

       Peanutbutter goes with anything. PB and pickle, PB and marshmallow fluff, PB and honey, PB and chocolate chips, PB and pretzels or potato chips (crisps) (add these last two immediately before eatins so they don't get soggy).
MechE, Dec 16 2008

       The smaller year 2011 version could be used for your expensive i-phone.
pashute, Mar 17 2011

       [+] what [Tabbyclaw] said, about "beweirding".
zen_tom, Mar 17 2011

       //I presume Peanut Butter and Cheese is just Peanut Butter and Jam for weirdoes?//   

       Apologies for the slight delay in responding to this. [Wag] I have always been under the impression that you are non- American. I am half-American, and inherited my deep respect for a well-made PBJ sandwich from my American mother. However, I have never met another Englishman who is not amazed and astonished at the mere possibility of such a combination as peanut butter and [always] strawberry jam.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2011

       If not for mouldy...... I'm not Elvis, but fried peanut butter and cheese is worth a try.
Zimmy, Mar 22 2011

       Hanging on my fridge, straight from Graceland:   

       Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches. (You surely can look up the recipe if so inclined). 1/2 cup butter!   

       I've never had those & probably never will, but peanut butter and cheese were divine.
Zimmy, Mar 22 2011


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