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Motion detector phone dialer

Motion detector on outdoor floodlights provides inexpensive telephone warning
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Problem: Your home's motion detecting outdoor flood light turns on and you are not home to see it.

Suggestion: An inexpensive, weather protected cell or land line phone type dialer (possibly created from old/used cell phones) could be wired into the motion detector circuit. A pre-designated number is dialed when the light turns on. The cell phone would be constantly charged by the a/c current available at the floodlight power source. The land line would not require charging.

I know that it is common for security equipment to dial phones when alarms go off. However, this concept would be based upon inexpensive home motion detecting electronics, used/disposed of cell phones, or telephone land lines. I would hesitate to have the cell phones dial 9-11 (though non-subscribing cell phones supposedly have that ability in the U.S.) due to chances of the 9-11 lines being flooded with false alarms.

Similar low cost setups for automobiles could be created using obsolete cell phones and inexpensive motion detectors.

Sunstone, Oct 22 2005

PIll bottle calls you when you don't take your medication http://www.google.c...xWfLR_zCywD9B6GA6G0
If no motion is detected on on pill bottle, you get a "Whats's up" call [Sunstone, Oct 09 2009]

Any movement triggers an alert via the Ring® app and activates the night vision HD camera https://ring.com/
Motion Detection Not everyone presses the button on the doorbell, so we’ve included motion sensors to alert you of activity at your home. [Sunstone, Dec 27 2015]

Presence And Other Apps Turn iPhones, iPads Into Security Cameras http://www.huffingt...-app_n_3220896.html
Your obsolete but now in service phone provides site video triggers alerts when motion is detected. [Sunstone, Mar 07 2016]


       I thought home alarm systems could already alert people by phone, pager or email...?   

       You just seem to be proposing the same thing, but cheaper.
DrCurry, Oct 22 2005

       No one ever talks about stillness detectors. I bet those could be useful. Mom, mom, grandma hasn't moved in 20 minutes!
theircompetitor, Oct 22 2005

       I was thinking along similar lines; this came up in my search. I wasn't considering using motion detecting lights, though. Just taking advantage of the very low cost of ownership of a basic mobile phone and no frills prepaid account for a cheap home-made remote monitoring system.   

       My or a friend's number would be one button push away from being dialled; the (also home-made) alarm system would activate said button, either through wires connected to the appropriate part of the phone's circuit board, or a solonoid powered button pusher.   

       If desired, you could take the call, and listen in for suspicious sounds (and possibly yell "Hey you, get out of my house!"). It could even be set up for a video call, but that would cost more.   

       My experience of exterior motion detecting lights is that they are set off more often by wind etc than by people. Mine might just suck, though.
spidermother, Jan 26 2009

       Wake up! Wake up! There's a cat in the backyard!!!!
Cedar Park, Jan 26 2009

       Release the hounds!
FlyingToaster, Jan 27 2009

       Baked/baking: Internet of Things.
notexactly, Dec 28 2015


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