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Sarcasm test earns annotation privileges

Must pass sarcasm test for annotate privileges
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It's physically painful for me to read annotations by people who mistake joke ideas as ernest ones (not to be confused with people who post tongue-in-cheek "straight man" responses to joke ideas, as those are the height of hilarity). Users should have to earn the right to annotate by passing some kind of humor Turing test.
davel_jonez, Mar 31 2002

Experiments on this very idea http://www.wired.co...html?tw=wn_index_10
You might not be as good as you think. [dbmag9, Feb 14 2006]


       My God! "ernest"! Oh my God! How could you do such a thing! This is plainly outrageous and we'll be having no more of that! Simply and outrageously plain as day here in this day and age. Unbelievable! Exactly the kind of thing as an example of what I'm talking about. Seemingly without void or consequence at the very moment of dynamic, scientific and rational bereavement. Speciation notwithstanding, incongruously devoid of any popsicle defillibration Fahnstock clip.
entremanure, Apr 01 2002

       *Notes several annotations have been deleted*
thumbwax, Apr 01 2002

       Nice of you to oblige, Peter, by providing an example of the sort of anno to which Mr. Jonez refers.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2002

       The joke ideas are generally far lamer than the serious ideas. Don't encourage them.
bookworm, Apr 01 2002

       With the fishes, yet.
phoenix, Apr 01 2002

       You are all funny and clever. Life has meaning now that your rapacious wit has illuminated the dark ignorance which is society. You must be better than everyone else.
MEScherer, Mar 04 2003

       That's exactly the sort of annotation the author of this idea had in mind, I suspect.
waugsqueke, Mar 04 2003

       But..there's nothing sarcastic there. It's all true, every word.
egbert, Mar 04 2003

       [MEScherer] - Actually, people on horseback are better than everybody else, but that's besides the point for purposes of this discussion.
normzone, Mar 03 2004


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