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Pest Hunter-bot

A Roomba-like device with the speed of a mini-RC car and a GI Joe-sized machine gun.
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Ok, take a Roomba. Now, make it smaller because it doesn't need internal space for storing vacuumed-up dirt since cleaning is not the purpose of this little bot. Give it the speed of a mini-RC car for high-speed take-downs. Then, put a little automatic pellet gun turret on top and a can of Raid.

Add Infrared and echolocation sensors, and it patrols the house at night on alert for intruding pests.

(edit: Raid may not be good for homes with pets or children. If safety is an issue, I recommend a non-toxic bug spray, which I will post a link for)

21 Quest, Dec 15 2006

Safe, organic bug spray http://www.onlynatu...e-Spray/999034.aspx
Ingredients: SD alcohol (made from corn), soybean oil, neem oil, lemongrass, catnip, citronella, patchouli, clove, pennyroyal, and grapefruit extract. [21 Quest, Dec 15 2006]


       21 Quest - like this little guy, as a hater of things such as spiders, little insect crawller-esk flying type things, i would need a pest hunter bot or perhaps a legion of them with bigger guns and faster means of transport for different rooms of the house! Bun for you...
Dmedia, Dec 15 2006


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