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One way mosquito screens

let them leave
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Here's an idea that's been keeping my awake at night for the last few months.. how to reduce the number of mosquitos in our house.

We've got the mosquito coils, and they're pretty good and screens work pretty well too, but once a mosquito gets in (and they always do) they're trapped there with nothing better to do than drain you of blood.

My earnest wish is for a one way fly/mosquito screen. At the moment screens are the same on both sides, but my new design will see the plastic 'wires' kind of wedge shaped (funnelled towards outside) which will allow a keen mosquito to push themselves out into the open, but not back in again.
neilp, Jan 08 2006

Mosquito birth control? http://www.rense.com/general28/moos.htm
[normzone, Jan 08 2006]

you want this Midge_20Laser
[TIB] - you'll be wanting this. Everyone else does. [neilp, Jan 10 2006]


       //We've got the mosquito coils// Well, contraception is all well and good, but how do you catch 'em to fit 'em?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 08 2006

       could you design a fishing net that did this for dolphins?
po, Jan 08 2006

       Would a keen mosquito really force its way outside into the cold, when it could stay inside in the warm and feast on your delicious blood at its own leisure?
fridge duck, Jan 08 2006

       <Completely irrelevant>   

       This guy is trying to hire a ninja body guard. A wizened old master leads him to a room where three ninjas are waiting to demonstrate their skills.
The first opens a small match box and releases a mosquito. <snick> in a blink he draws his katana and slices the mosquito in half.
"Hmmm, that's not bad", the man says, "What about the next guy"?
The second ninja also releases a mosquito from a match box and before the prospective client can blink draws his weapon and quarters the bug in mid air.
"I'll take that one" the man says.
"Ah, you wait" says the master, "last one more expensive, but you like."
The third ninja steps forward, opens his match box and several seconds go by before he swings and then replaces his sword.
The buyer says "The mosquito is still alive, why would I want to hire that guy"?
The old master says "Yes, mosquito still alive,...but never make baby mosquito’s again".

       I agree with fridge duck, why would an enterprising mosquito want back out? Good idea but you ignore the nature of those little buggers.
Antegrity, Jan 10 2006

       [Ant] - the light - the moon's outside and dark inside. Of course they'll want to escape.
neilp, Jan 10 2006

       CO2 LASER with optical tracking. Fry the little shits in mid-flight!
TIB, Jan 10 2006

       The bug-zappers do a great job of attracting mosquitos. Kinda counter-productive.   

       What's needed here is a positive ventilation system of some sort. An air-pump sucks in air from outside through a filter, and blows it out the screen door, preventing the bugs from getting in. Of course, if you have the door or window open...
RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2006

       Bunnings - is that the place the croissants come from?
normzone, Jan 11 2006


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