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Siallogenic cat treats

Drooly cat = happy cat.
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The long-suffering cat division of BUNGCO has become aware that cats do not like dry food. This is not surprising as wild cats generally eat moist things, it would seem. Possibly because of this, cats are not particularly drooly, having historically had little need of a river of drool to wash down their food. Drooly cats may be less able to conceal their rabies, and so were historically selected against by pet owners.

This genetic deficiency of drool can be corrected by Science. Many medically used chemicals can enhance production of saliva (eg: pilocarpine). The cat division of BUNGCO has finally gotten their heads in the game and produced Siallogenic Cat Treats. These tasty and moist treats will also maximally turn on kitty's droolers. The result - even the most dessicated of cheapo catfood suddenly becomes palatable - with all the therapeutic benefits for your cat and all the financial benefits for you, the cat owner.

Warning: do not give Siallogenic cat treats to dogs indoors.

bungston, Jun 15 2009

Cat food inner tube. Cat_20food_20in_20a_20tube_2e
Inspiration! [bungston, Jun 15 2009]




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